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Free Smartphone Testing Consultation

ViserMark Testing Innovation free smartphone testing consultation

ViserMark believe that we can offer the best Smartphone Testing Automation for Smartphone Manufacturers, Network Mobile Operators, but don't take our word for it!

ViserMark free download the ultimate guide smartphone test automation 4G vs 5G Report Cover

The Ultimate Guide To Smartphone Test Automation

Battery Life and Performance Scores and 4G vs 5G Results

In the spotlight this month...
Samsung Galaxy S21 5G
vs Vivo Y72 5G  

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Take up our free Smartphone Testing Consultation to see how we can help you improve your Smartphone performance. Our team of expert telecommunication consultants can analyse your Smartphone performance and battery life set-up. They make suggestions for how best to improve as well as which additional services you may benefit from.


Our experts are experienced and highly skilled to offer their expertise so you can always be sure you are getting the best advice from people with vast telecommunications industry knowledge.


Starting the process, one of our Senior Consultants meets with you to discuss your business needs and Smartphone requirements.

It's important that we are able to fully understand your business background and history. as well as your targets and goals you are wanting to achieve and your current testing setup.

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Our testing team will conduct an audit on your Smartphone, once it arrives in our testing labs.   


Using our Testing Automation software, viSer our experts are fully qualified to check your Smartphone against current industry standards, or competitors. Even have your ViserMark Smartphone Score listed on our Smartphone Ranking Table.


With a full Smartphone Performance and Battery Life audit completed, we can identify any issues and provide solutions that may be beneficial to your business or may accelerate product launches.

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For the last stage, we will look at our test results and look over the findings to decide if your Smartphone testing procedures and current infrastructure can deliver the Smartphone Performance and Battery Life to achieve your business goals. 

Our Automation Testing software viSer, is ideal for testing teams who need complementary Smartphone testing or support.

Simply pay for additional Automated Testing services. Perfect for an in-depth consultation enabling a deeper dive into more complex Smartphone Performance or support for projects for companies who already have an in-house testing team but require additional resources. 

ViserMark uses viSer Web Services VWS
ViserMark's Automation Testing software viSer is ideal for testing teams who need complementary Smartphone testing or support

What does the Smartphone Audit include?

When you book a Free Smartphone Testing Consultation with ViserMark, one of our experts will spend some time speaking with you about your testing setup and procedures within your business.


From software installations and efficiency to Network connectively and remote access, ViserMark will advise on areas that should be addressed. 

ViserMark smartphone consultation Areas Audit include
ViserMark helps you with your projects and the battery life of your smartphone

ViserMark wants to hear from you, so whether you are new to Test Automation or are looking for Smartphone Performance and Battery Life advice just call or email us. 

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