Often finding information about Smartphones is difficult. ViserMark decided that we could provide even more relevant and useful information. Here's an overview of our new Visermarks Labels designed to help you even more:  

New ViserMark Labels


Same Smartphone Testing Protocol - More New ViserMark Labels!


Our new ViserMark Labels are set to appear on our Smartphone reviews and within our Ranking Tables as of this week - the Battery Life and Performance testing protocol we use is exactly the same.

We are excited to start using our new labels on our website and our social media posts providing more ratings and scores for our Smartphone users and for Smartphone Manufacturers. 



Battery Performance 

This is a Score given between 0 and 100. It reflects the performance based on independent, repeatable, and rigorous testing. It is calculated using Battery Life, Power Efficiency and Charging results. 


All our Smartphone Reviews will have the new labels on them, also within our Smartphone Ranking Tables, you will see additional information, including Charging Time, Power Efficiency and our new Battery Life Performance Score out of 100.  

We hope you find the latest ViserMark Labels useful! 👍

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Battery Life 

This is expressed in “Days-of-Use” and reflects the time in days that a smartphone can be used from a full charge.

Battery Charging Time

It takes a different amount of time to charge different types and sizes of Smartphone batteries. This is expressed in Hours and Minutes.

Power Efficiency

It simply means maximising the performance of a Smartphone while reducing the amount of energy it consumes, with minimal impact on battery life. It is calculated using Battery Life and Battery Capacity. This is expressed in “Leaves" and reflects a rating between 1 being least and 5 being the most power-efficient.  

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