• Daniel Chaparro

Nokia G10 - Battery Performance Score


Battery Capacity mAh: 5050

Smartphone Battery Performance: Ranking #27

In the lower half for Battery Performance within the

Entry Tier Ranking Table

Battery Performance Testing and Review - September 2021


  • The Nokia G10 arrives as one of the best entry-level products from the Finnish manufacturer. The G10 model completes the G family, both models share almost the same specifications being the chipset the most relevant difference Mediatek Helio G25 on the G10 and G35 on the G20.

Release Date April 2021

Product Features and Specification

  • Design: Nordic design, minimalist and elegant

  • Rear Camera: 13 MP, (Wide), AF

2 MP, (macro)

2 MP, (depth)

  • Video: 1080@30fps.

  • Selfie Camera: 8 MP, (wide)

  • Video: 1080@30fps.

  • Battery: 5050 mAh (10W fast charge).

  • Display: 6.52".

  • Size: 164.9 mm x 76 mm x 9.2 mm.

  • Weight: 194g.

  • Memory: 32/64GB ROM 3/4GB RAM, Micro SDXC (dedicated slot).

  • Chipset: MediaTek MediaTek G25 (12 nm).

  • Android: Android 11.

  • Software Version: 00WW_1_010

Battery Performance


The Nokia G10 is classed as an entry-tier smartphone in the ViserMark ranking (Smartphones priced between 0 and 200 EURO), with a price around 140 EURO. The G10 is powered by the MediaTek Helio G25 chipset and it is equipped with a 5050mAh battery to guarantee decent autonomy.

The overall Battery Performance Score is now a global score taking calculations from Battery Life, Power Efficiency and Charging Times.

Based on the different test results, we have given this Smartphone a ViserMark Battery Performance Score of 50. This score places the Nokia device in 27th place within the ViserMark ranking table for the best Battery Performance Smartphone as tested by SmartViser. Compared with other entry-tier smartphones, the G10 stands in the 13th position in terms of Battery Performance, 18 points below the top-rated device (68/100).

Testing Results

BATTERY LIFE - Days of Use

The Nokia G10 battery lasted around 59 hours through the ViserMark test protocol with a 60 Hz refreshing rate, obtaining a Battery Life score of 2.5 Days of Use.

The average Day of Use ViserMark score of entry-tier smartphones is “2.2” Days. The G10 performance places on the high part of Visermark ranking in terms of autonomy. It is impressive being ranked in 12th position from all the smartphones tested by Smartviser.

CHARGING TIME - Hours and Minutes

The charging time to 100% was 2 hours and 57 minutes, with the 10W fast charge option included

  • The average Charging Time is 1:11 for a smartphone within the ViserMark entry-level tier. Being supplied with a 10W charger, the Nokia G10 stands at the lower end of the ViserMark Charging ranking. This area has much more room for improvement, taking into consideration the size of the battery.

Test Graphics

Our testing is based on real smartphone usage from 100% battery level down to Power Off.

When testing Smartphones, the testing protocol includes common daily life activities, for instance: Calls, Web, Video and Music streaming, Gaming, Social networks, Picture & Video capture and standby.

All testing is performed under strictly controlled test conditions with all activities being executed in a defined order and timeline.

Figure 1. ViserMark Battery Life Test at 60 Hz refresh rate

There are a number of power-efficient processors, within today's Smartphones, that are able to cope with the growing number of new applications and can support high-resolution displays without compromising battery life.

Power Efficiency is calculated using Battery Life and Battery Capacity. This is expressed in “Leaves" and reflects a rating between 1 being least and 5 being the most power-efficient.

The Nokia G10 achieved an overall Power Efficiency Score of 2, this score places the Nokia G10 just in the middle of ViserMark Battery Power Efficiency ranking compared with other similiar entry tier smartphones.

  • Best Smartphone for Power Efficiency: Ranking #26


Standing on the high part of the ViserMark performance ranking table, the Nokia G10 offers decent autonomy for a reasonable price.

Compared with other entry-level Smartphones, the Nokia G10 stands again on the Top of ViserMark in terms of autonomy. When comparing the Nokia G10 to other entry-tier smartphones that share the same battery size, the Nokia G10 is in the 5th position of the ViserMark ranking table, very close to smartp