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Smartphone Battery Life Reviews
High Tier Ranking Tables

Welcome to our High Tier Smartphone Ranking Page.
ViserMark High Tier Smartphone Ranking Page

Battery Performance Score

This reflects the battery performance based on a score between 1 and 100.

It can be used to compare the performance of different Smartphones from 100% battery level down to power off.

All Smartphones categorised within the ViserMark High Smartphone tier are shown in the table below. 

Our Smartphone Ranking Table can be sorted by Brand, Product Name, Battery Life Days, ViserMark Score and Capacity just by clicking on the appropriate label shown. 

Also, other useful battery information has been added to this 


High Smartphone Ranking Page:

  • Battery Performance Score (overall score) - Average is 43

  • Days of Use (days a smartphone can be used from a full charge) - Average is 1.5 Days of Use

  • Power Efficiency Rating (1-5 expressed as leaves) Average is 1.2 rating 

  • Charging Times (Hours and Minutes) - Average is 1 hour and 16 minutes

Smartphone Battery Life Ranking Tables 

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