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WIKO View4 ViserMark Battery Life – April 2020

WIKO View4

WIKO View 4 is designed with an entry level power efficient Mediatek A25 chipset, HD+ screen and a massive 5000 mAh battery. This hardware technical specification is combined with a software which accurately checks if background activities are using too much power. The 5000 mAh battery that fuels View 4 is ready to face the viSerMark battery life test protocol. Let us see how long WIKO View4 can last on an average daily usage of a device.


Based on the results in terms of Battery Life, WIKO View4 is a marathon runner. Indeed, as of now, it is the only device in our labs to reach 3 days of use. And, as a reminder viSerMark protocol does not replicate basic use, it is much more than this, meaning that overall performance of WIKO View4 is truly impressive. View4 even lasted more than 3 days as it pushed 2 more hours after waking us up the third morning.


We are always checking carefully overnight performance, especially as the devices should be optimized in order to limit the power utilization when not in use. In this area users of WIKO will not be surprised to know that no over drain has been detected during long standby time. Overall battery optimization algorithm is doing their job very well, sometimes too well as some apps may be killed while in background, but this is a compromise of an overall exceptional battery life performance.

As a conclusion, WIKO View4 did achieve 3 Days rating. Very good job.

The overall result can be seen below:

  • Rating in Days reflect battery life observed by customers through standard and mixed usage

  • Overall smartViser device battery life performance scoring is reflecting battery performance following SmartViser proprietary protocol

* Devices provided by WIKO

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