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Disclaimer Policy



Our mission at ViserMark is to help readers and smartphone users make informed decisions when buying a smartphone by providing precise and understandable information about battery performance. Every year, we test hundreds of smartphones using a rigorous and repeatable testing protocol that leaves no room for error or human subjectivity. This means all smartphones are tested equally, giving accurate information when comparing smartphones. Our ViserMark Labels display official battery life ratings and performance scores, providing valuable information about smartphone performance.


Smartphone Reviews and Articles

We understand that the technical information provided about smartphones can be overwhelming, so ViserMark's goal is to present the smartphone test results and insights in a way that is easy to understand within our website, smartphone reviews and smartphone-related articles. As part of our testing protocol, we provide a full range of smartphone battery performance test results. With their immense test knowledge, our experts, with automation and battery performance expertise collate beneficial effects that can help compare and consider different smartphones. Our series of ViserMark Labels provide helpful ratings on smartphone considerations such as battery life, charging times, power efficiency, and annual energy consumption.

We pride ourselves on our comprehensive database of smartphone test results and our commitment to presenting the most informative smartphone reviews possible for our readers and smartphone users. We always welcome suggestions on how further improvements can be made. 


Amazon Associates and Other Affiliate Links 

ViserMark is a participant in the Amazon Associates Program, which allows us to earn commissions from qualifying purchases made through Also, we link to relevant and other trusted affiliate partners like Xiaomi FR. If a ViserMark user clicks an affiliate link and purchases a smartphone from any of these affiliate sites within a set amount of time, ViserMark receives a small commission. In addition, we collaborate with other sites, such as the VCX Forum and GSMArena.


At ViserMark, we value our reputation as a dependable source for useful reviews, insights, and ratings on smartphones. This motivates us to continually improve our testing methods and recommendations for readers and smartphone users. If you would like to learn more about ViserMark, please visit our website. If you have any questions or comments, please get in touch with us.

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