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Frequently Asked Questions

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How do you ensure objectivity and reliability in your testing and results?


ViserMark is using viSer test automation to perform all the testing. This ensures objectivity in our testing process, removes the possibility of human errors, is unbiased and provides full repeatability. The test environment is monitored very carefully using various probes to ensure the same conditions as used for all testing.


This scientific approach adhering to the strictest testing protocols allows us to rank and benchmark smartphone services based on their battery performance.



How do you select the products to test?


As with any company, our test resources are limited. Some of the Smartphones are sent directly by manufacturers asking to perform the testing and they are able to use the labels as part of their marketing communication.


For the rest, we tend to select them based on our interests, level of innovation and our reader's preference. We update our review list on a regular basis to ensure we cover as many Smartphones as possible.



What is your testing protocol?


Having an independent, repeatable and rigorous smartphone testing protocol ensures that there is no room for error. This means all tests are performed under strictly controlled test conditions, under the supervision of our SmartViser technology executives with their immense operator and media test knowledge, automation, and battery performance expertise.


Our testing criteria include common daily life activities, such as:

  • Making calls

  • Using the Web

  • Video and music streaming

  • Gaming

  • Utilising social networks

  • Picture & video capture

  • Standby quality



Do you work with Smartphone manufacturers?

ViserMark part of SmartViser has a long history of working together with Smartphone manufacturers since the company was founded in 2014. We help Smartphone Manufacturers test and improve the quality of their devices using the viSer test automation solution. More recently we have several test services to help them further improve the quality and performance of their smartphones.

Many manufacturers will ask us to perform testing on early versions of software and device validation in order to improve areas like phone battery life and performance. The ViserMark testing team are independent and will run the same strict protocol on the final mobile phone before being released in the market.



Do you test on different screen refresh rates?


The Smartphone screen affects immensely the battery performance. We check on all available refresh rate options and resolutions and the final score is an average of those. The screen refresh rate is measured in Hertz (Hz) and it counts the number of times the display refreshes every second it is on. A 60Hz display refreshes 60 times per second.


For some manufacturers, you get the option to choose from 60Hz or 120Hz. In the reviews, you will be able to see the score with each setting and the final score is the average. In most cases, a lower refresh rate will give you more smartphone battery life.

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