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Our growing community includes smartphone Users, Manufacturers and Developers
as well as our valued Media Contacts and Reviewers.  
We offer smartphone Users the opportunity to review battery life ratings and performance scores.
For smartphone Manufacturers and Developers we help improve the "Quality of Experience" (QoE) which enables the translation of technical specifications into straightforward smartphone user's benefits. 

ViserMark Battery Performance Scores

The Battery Performance Label shows a score between 0 and 100.

Using various testing criteria, measured using real-life scenarios and live networks, smartphone results are collated with calculations from Battery Life, Power Efficiency and Charging Times that amount to an overall device total score.

Find out More about the ViserMark Labels

ViserMark Battery Performance label score using various testing criteria

Smartphone Reviews and Testing 

As part of our smartphone testing protocol, ViserMark brings you a comprehensive set of informative results. This provides further information on device battery life, charging times, power efficiency and the latest label showing annual power consumption. Our team collate the results into useful ratings represented by the ViserMark Labels that will help you understand the battery performance of your smartphone. Our smartphone reviews help to show how battery life is impacted and highlight smartphone functionality with your day-to-day smartphone usage.

It is true that mobile phone battery technology has considerably evolved over the years and is continuing to evolve. Therefore, it is vital that our smartphone testing keeps pace with such a dynamic marketplace, bringing you even more improvements to the ViserMark Labels.

The Battery Life ViserMark Label has been enhancement with additional information on how long the device will last in hours. Also, we will be introducing a new ViserMark Label that will show the Annual Energy Consumption measured in kWh. For the first time, smartphone Users will be able to see an objective benchmark across all devices on the expected annual electricity consumption their device is expected to make. Look for the new label in our latest reviews.  

New Battery Life and Hours.png

Battery Life

(Days and Hours of Use)

ViserMark Battery effiency power testing 5 leaf rating

Battery Efficiency
The energy efficiency of the device
(5 Leaf Rating) 

ViserMark Battery Charging testing Time Hours and minutes

Charging Time
(Hours and Minutes)

Annual Energy Consumption

(Measured in kWh)

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