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Our growing community includes smartphone Users, Manufacturers and Developers, and our valued Media Contacts and Reviewers.  
We offer Smartphone Users the opportunity to review battery life ratings and performance scores.  For Smartphone Manufacturers and Developers, we help improve the "Quality of Experience" (QoE), which enables the translation of technical specifications into straightforward smartphone user benefits. 

Smartphone Reviews and Testing 

ViserMark provides comprehensive, informative results as part of our smartphone testing protocol. Common metrics and benchmarks are used to evaluate a smartphone's performance. This includes further information on device battery life, charging times, power efficiency and the latest test results for annual power consumption. Our team collates the results into valuable ratings represented by the ViserMark Labels to help assess smartphone performance.

The comprehensive range of labels ViserMark Labels have been designed to provide relevant and useful information.    

The Battery Performance Label shows a score between 0 and 100. It reflects the performance based on independent, repeatable, and rigorous testing. Using various testing criteria, measured using real-life scenarios and live networks, results are collated with calculations from battery life, battery capacity, and energy efficiency, resulting in a total battery performance score.

ViserMark Label - Smartphone Battery Performance Score showing 62/100

ViserMark introduced the first Battery Life Label to show Days and Hours of use. The metrics inform you of how long a device is expected to last if tested over the day and night with real-life user activities from a full charge. A recent improvement to the label provides more accurate information on how long the device will last in hours.

Mobile charging times are displayed on the Battery Charging Label.  The times often vary depending on the battery capacity of the smartphone. Charging technology has evolved at a pace and has helped to reduce charging times considerably.  This is expressed in Hours and Minutes.

The Battery Efficiency Label by ViserMark is the world's first rating system that displays a device's battery energy efficiency. It is determined by combining battery life and capacity and is represented by "Leaves" on a scale of 1 to 5, with 5 being the most power-efficient. This information is particularly important now that smartphone manufacturers are adopting eco-friendly approaches to minimize environmental impact.

Being involved in various projects that aimed to create Energy Efficiency policies, ViserMark introduced a new label. The Annual Energy Consumption Label,  measured in kWh, displays, for the first time, an objective benchmark across all devices on the expected annual electricity consumption. 

ViserMark Label - Smartphone Battery Life showing 1 hour and 42 minutes
ViserMark Label - Smartphone Battery Efficiency showing 3 out of 5 leaves
ViserMark Label - Smartphone Annual Energy Consumption showing 2.5kWh/Annum
ViserMark Label - Smartphone Battery Life showing 2 Days Use or 45 Hours

How Can We Help You?

These ViserMark Labels aim to provide standardised and easily understandable information. For smartphone users, it allows them to compare smartphones in specific categories based on their preferences and requirements. As for smartphone manufacturers, who are always looking for ways to stand out from the crowd, it showcases their development efforts and expertise. ViserMark wants to share our trusted and up-to-date findings with media professionals and smartphone reviewers who appreciate the benefits of accurate battery life ratings and performance scores. 

Smartphone being held in a smartphone shop

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ViserMark was created by SmartViser, the founder of the innovative smartphone test solution, in 2020. The ViserMark Labels are based on testing and evaluation technology called viSer. Learn why you can trust our Test Automation for Superior Service and Quality of Experience.


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We want to share our latest smartphone test results with ViserMark Labels and insightful reviews with you.

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