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Our Partnerships

Building Partnerships 

ViserMark welcomes working with Smartphone Manufacturers and Mobile Operators who strive to provide the best independent and credible information. 

Our objective is to help smartphone users and industry experts to improve their understanding of smartphone battery life, both quality and performance, in straightforward terms. 

Partnership Do Matter

We welcome the opportunity to work with various companies, organisations and groups to ensure we can improve the understanding of the quality and performance of smartphones. By building loyalty and trust with partners, ViserMark can help businesses develop relationships within our community and share our automation expertise and knowledge to ensure success.

We strive to provide the best independent and credible information for smartphone users, industry experts and manufacturers. Focusing on these priorities can help our partnerships thrive and create more value than they would otherwise.

The VCX Forum (Valued Camera eXperience) 

On some of our smartphone Battery Life reviews, you will see a VCX score. This is an objective and independent score for smartphone cameras.

The VCX Forum is an independent, non-profit organisation. It has been working with its members to design a numeric indicator of the camera value of Smartphones and products. It is based on an objective assessment of equipment.

The VCX Forum aims to improve the technology to develop and exchange accurate and objective quality and performance indicators to serve as a compass for the Smartphone camera industry.

Develop A Partnership With Us

ViserMark wishes for more partnerships with research institutes, leading manufacturers, industry and other organisations worldwide to address global Smartphone battery life challenges. We strive to develop innovative and sustainable collaborations with partners who share our strategic vision and core values to improve the Smartphone customer experience.

ViserMark has a strong track record in establishing successful partnerships with leading manufacturers and has an innovative and robust internal testing protocol verified by SmartViser. With our expertise and guidance, we want to ensure that quality partnerships can be developed and delivered effectively.


Smartphone Design


We want to share our latest smartphone test results with ViserMark Labels and insightful reviews with you.

Smartphone showing a Travel Blog


Interesting articles and reports on battery performance-related topics and the latest industry developments.

People Recording using mircophones


Providing you with a round-up of all the smartphone events as well as the latest

ViserMark news.

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