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ViserMark Battery Life Ratings
and Performance Scores

We have designed and developed our latest ViserMark Battery Performance Labels to help smartphone Manufacturers and Developers improve the “Quality of Experience” (QoE) by enabling them to translate technical specifications into straightforward smartphone User benefits through the battery life ratings and performance scores.  Smartphone reviews are all verified by SmartViser.

Discover How You Can Stand Out From The Crowd


As a smartphone Manufacturer, you are always looking for more ways to stand out from the crowd and showcase your development efforts and expertise.  Our primary objective is to support smartphone Manufacturers in improving the "Quality of Experience" and "Quality of Service" to offer superior value to their Smartphone users.

We understand the difficulties that you face:

  • The smartphone market gets more tense, going down in volume but increasing in value

  • More and more cost pressure, challenging to optimise price and specifications

  • Users want to make more educated choices and keep their phone longer

  • More players are bringing more and more offers to the market, generating confusion for smartphone Users

ViserMark show cellphones and how to choose one

Battery Performance is THE key factor when looking to buy a Smartphone

As an independent testing lab, SmartViser measures and validates key areas of user experience, enabling manufacturers to translate technical specifications into strong Smartphone user understanding and benefits.

This chart shows the survey results on the most wanted features of a smartphone.

Smartphone Survey.jpeg

Comprehensive Range of ViserMark Labels


Our latest ViserMark Labels display unique official Smartphone battery life ratings and performance scores.

They offer a valuable marketing asset to differentiate from your competition to:

  • Increase sales

  • Establish and build a market presence

  • Help smartphone users to make informed decisions

ViserMark battery performance label based on independent, repeatable, and rigorous testing
ViserMark Battery Charging label time to charge battery
ViserMark Battery Effiency label leaves to measure battery

How Can We Help You?

​Our testing criteria include common daily life activities, such as:

•  Making calls

•  Using the Web

•  Video and music streaming

•  Gaming

• Utilising social networks

•  Picture & video capture

•  Standby quality

All are powered with the test automation solution viSer

ViserMark viSer APP to simulate real day life usage

We simulate actual day-life usage as the final user will do, mixing activities​​

Our viSer Bot is testing real life activities

Our Offering - A Summary

  • Leverage from Test Expert Scoring for accelerated time to market

  • Obtain detailed reports highlighting improvement tracks

  • Benchmark your device versus the competition

  • Get highly valuable product marketing asset

  • Significant savings on cost and resources

  • Close relations with key industry players

Technical Expertise

Using cutting-edge mobile test automation, our in-house technical experts have years of knowledge and long experience to simulate real-life general usage of a phone. Learn how to measure and improve the QoE and QoS of your devices.

Unique Testing

As an independent testing environment, SmartViser measures and validates vital areas of user experience using our highly specialised, state-of-the-art lab equipment, Performed under strictly controlled test conditions.

Automated Solution

Our assessment is based on smartphone usage from 100% battery level down to Power Off, which includes everyday daily life activities, Calls, Web, Video, Music, Gaming, Social, Picture & Video capture and standby.

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