Smartphone Tier Reviews

When purchasing a new Smartphone we want to provide you with as much information about the Smartphone battery life as possible, helping you to make your decision easier. 

Our team of experts simulate real-life general smartphone usage, using our testing automation solution viSer. The overall battery life performance score is based on daily life activities, providing a realistic Smartphone battery life review.   

Below shows a table of ViserMark Tiers that break down the various pricing of Smartphones.

It also indicates the average Smartphone battery life score using our testing protocol within our

independent testing environment.

We have collated all our Smartphone battery life performance scores

and sorted them into - Flagship/Pro, High, Mid and Entry tiers.


Please select the Smartphone Tier that you are interested in.

You will be able to view our results for every Smartphone that has been categorised within that tier. 

Graphs will show you the following information

  • Smartphone Battery Life in Days

  • Smartphone Performance Score

  • Smartphone Reviews and Results 

Asus_Zenfone_7 ViserMark Label 197@4x-10



OnePlus 8T ViserMark Label



Huawei P Smart 2021.jpg



Wiko View 4 ViserMark Label 315@4x-100.j



ViserMark Label Calculated Score.jpg
Smartphone Rakning.png

What's Important About A ViserMark Label Score?

Our first label measures battery performance, translating mAh into direct battery life scores. Battery life is one of the key areas reviewed by customers when choosing a new Smartphone.

The ViserMark Label is designed to help end-users quickly work out whether a smartphone is right for them. Alternatively, it can enable Smartphone manufacturers to translate technical specifications into straight forward end-user benefits, which provides a valuable marketing asset.