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Nothing Phone 1 - Smartphone Battery Performance

Updated: Nov 10, 2023

Nothing Phone 1 Makes its First Stunning Market Entrance


Battery Capacity mAh: 4500

Nothing Phone 1 Smartphone

Smartphone Battery Performance Overall

Score: 42/100

Ranking #80

Mid Tier Ranking:

Ranking #9


We have listed what you need to know about the Nothing Phone 1.


Nothing was founded by Carl Pei, who was partially responsible for raising awareness of the OnePlus brand we know today.

Making its debut, the Nothing Phone 1 enters the Mid Tier (€200-€499) and joins other similarly priced smartphones. Features like wireless charging and a fast screen refresh rate give more than competitive brands.

The Nothing Phone 1 comes with a USB-C to USB-A charging cable, a power adapter, a screen protector (pre-applied), a SIM card holder ejector and a clear TPU case in the box. Safety information and a warranty card can be found inside as well.

Being powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 765G chipset, the Nothing Phone 1 is available with 8G of RAM and 128GB of storage. This device runs on Android 11 with a custom skin designed by Nothing and is focused on simplicity and ease of use.

One of the highlights of this smartphone is its unique notification system. This "Ear (1) phone" system uses the phone's back panel to display various notifications and messages and a series of glyphs that appear around the edges of the display to alert users to incoming calls, messages, and other notifications.

The notifications are displayed using a set of 32,000 microscopic LEDs that light up to form glyphs representing different notifications. The glyphs are designed to be unobtrusive and blend in with the user's environment. Its "Ear (1) Buds" are wireless earbuds that can connect to the phone via Bluetooth. When the Ear (1) Buds are connected, the phone can display notifications on the earbuds themselves, which is a novel way to stay connected without checking your phone constantly.

Product - Good Points

The Nothing Phone 1 has the following features:

  • solid and high-quality performance

  • good battery life

  • unique and sleek design

  • innovative "Ear (1)" integration

Product - Be Aware of Points

The Nothing Phone 1 lacks in performance in the following ways:

  • lacking in camera performance

  • relatively more expensive



Smartphone Battery Performance Score

and Battery Performance Results

We have designed and developed Battery Performance Labels to help Smartphone users.

Translated into the ViserMark Labels, the battery performance test results for the Nothing Phone 1 are below.

ViserMark Labels for Nothing Phone 1 Smartphone
Nothing Phone 1 Smartphone Battery Performance Labels

Our experts are asked to test more than 100 Smartphones every year. As an independent mobile phone testing environment, SmartViser measures key areas of user experience.

More details can be found on how we perform our smartphone testing here.


Look at the review by ViserMark based on the results during testing. You can find the full results of our battery performance testing below:

Smartphone Battery Performance Overall Score:

The Battery Performance Label shows a score between 0 and 100. It reflects the performance based on independent, repeatable, and rigorous testing.

ViserMark Label Smartphone Battery Performance Score 42 out of 100
Nothing Phone 1 Smartphone Battery Performance Score

Using various testing criteria, measured using real-life scenarios and live networks, results collated with calculations from Battery Life, Power Efficiency and Charging results that amount to the total score.

The design of the Nothing Phone 1 is focused on minimalism to create a device that blends in with the user's environment and doesn't distract from their daily life.

The phone's unique design features a transparent glass back panel, allowing users to see the device's internal components. One of the standout features of the Nothing Phone 1 is the "inverted notch" or "hole" in the top centre of the screen that displays notifications and other information using symbols and glyphs. This feature has been praised for being innovative and creative.

Overall, the Nothing Phone 1 offers a good balance of design and functionality, with unique features that set it apart from other smartphones.

Within the ViserMark Mid Tier (€200-€499), the Nothing Phone 1 competes closely with the Xiomi Reedmi Note 11 Pro and the Realme Narzo 50 when comparing battery performance, as shown in the chart below.

ViserMark Labels showing Smartphone Battery Performance Scores
Nothing Phone 1 Comparative Chart showing Battery Performance Scores

In our recent smartphone review, the Xiaomi Redmi Note 11 Pro leads with a higher battery performance score of 50 out of 100, offers good value for money, and is IP53-rated. The Realme Narzo 50 presented specific gaming features, smooth performance and excellent smartphone battery life, although no 5G option exists.

Other smartphone battery performance results can be seen in the Mid Tier Ranking table.


Battery Life

Battery Life - How long will this Smartphone battery last?

ViserMark Labels Smartphone Battery Life 2 Days of Use or 49 Hours
Nothing Phone 1 Smartphone Battery Life Results

The Battery Life ViserMark Label displays the “Days-of-Use” in both actual days and provides accurate information in hours. It reflects the usage of a smartphone from a full charge.

The Nothing Phone 1 has a bright, colourful, and sharp display, and the 120Hz refresh rate makes scrolling and animations smooth. The phone also has a "monochrome mode" feature, which turns the display black and white to reduce distractions. Overall, the display is one of the highlights of the Nothing Phone 1, offering an immersive experience for media consumption and everyday use.

ViserMark Labels showing Battery Life Ratings
Nothing Phone 1 Comparative Chart showing Battery Life Ratings

With a battery capacity of 4,500 mAh, this smartphone performs very well to achieve 2 Days of Use. When we tested the Xiaomi Redmi Note 11 Pro and Realme Narzo 50, both obtained the same 2 Days of Usage despite having a larger battery capacity; there are only 5 hours separately for all three devices.

Other smartphone battery performance results can be seen in the Mid Tier Ranking table.



Charging Times

ViserMark Label Smartphone Charging Time 2 hours and 39 minutes
Nothing Phone 1 Smartphone Charging Time

Battery Charging Time - How long will this smartphone take to charge?

Time varies to charge different types and sizes of Smartphone batteries. They are expressed in Hours and Minutes.

The Nothing Phone 1 supports 33W wired charging, although it struggles to have a fast charging time. Compared to the Redmi Note 11 Pro, which supports 67W charging, Xiaomi claims zero to 50% in just 15 minutes and 100% in 42 minutes.

ViserMark Labels showing Smartphone Charging Times in Hours and Minutes
Nothing Phone 1 Comparative Chart showing Charging Times

Please view all the smartphone Charging Times from our testing results.


Power Efficiency

ViserMark Label Smartphone Power Efficiency 1.5  out of 5
Nothing Phone 1 Smartphone Power Efficiency Results

Power Efficiency - How power efficient is this smartphone?

It maximises the smartphone's performance while reducing the energy it consumes, with minimal impact on battery life.

Calculated using Battery Life and Battery Capacity and expressed in “Leaves", it reflects a rating between 1 being the least and 5 being the most power efficient.

ViserMark Labels showing Power Efficiency Ratings
Nothing Phone 1 Comparative Chart showing Power Efficiency

When tested, most mid-range smartphones, including the Xiaomi Redmi Note 11 Pro and Realme Narzo 50, gain a 1 out of 5 battery efficiency score. The test results for the Nothing Phone 1 showed a score of 1.5, deeming this smartphone more efficient.

More Power Efficiency can be viewed.


Annual Energy Consumption

Visermark Label showing Annual Energy Consumption of 3 kWh/Annum
Nothing Phone 1 Annual Energy Consumption Results

Power Consumption - How much energy does this smartphone use?

All smartphones use energy, and although it is only a small amount, each smartphone varies in consumption.

Our results calculated that the Nothing Phone 1 would use only 3.0 kWh per Annum; both other comparable devices, when tested, showed more usage in consumption.

ViserMark Labels showing Smartphone Annual Energy Consumption  of 3 kWh/Annum
Nothing Phone 1 Comparative Chart showing Annual Energy Consumption

Comparison of Smartphones in the Mid Tier

Through the ViserMark testing protocol, end-users can see an objective benchmark across all devices on their smartphone's expected annual electricity consumption.



Should I buy it?

Nothing has introduced a smartphone that is attractive and delivers - not bad for their first attempt at entering the market. The smartphone is well-built and performs well in day-to-day use, but it may not be as powerful as other high-end smartphones.

With a unique and refreshing design and solid specifications, the phone is very original, which helps it stand out above the rest. Providing better battery life and a sharp display, overall, it is an all-round performer, although slightly lacking in camera quality.

As a new smartphone, this device has most of the basics in place that end-users expect. With a small start and more developments planned, solid foundations continue to be built. However, the price tag may be steep for some end-users, especially considering the lack of a headphone jack or expandable storage.


Product Features and Specification

Release Date July 2022


6.27 x 2.98 x 0.33 inches, LED, 120Hz, 1080 x 2400px resolution


Android 12, upgradable to Android 13, Nothing OS 1.5.2 Qualcomm SM7325-AE Snapdragon 778G+ 5G (6 nm)


128GB 8GB RAM, 256GB 8GB RAM, 256GB 12GB RAM


Glass front (Gorilla Glass 5), glass back (Gorilla Glass 5). IP53 - splash, water and dust resistant

Main Camera

​50 MP Wide Camera

50 MP, Ultrawide

Video: 4K@30fps, 1080p@30/60fps, gyro-EIS, live HDR

Front Camera

16MP. Video: 1080p@30fps


4500 mAh

Wired Charging 33W. Wireless 15W


Stereo speakers. No headphone jack. NFC: Yes. Radio: No.

Dimensions and Weight

159.2 x 75.8 x 8.3 mm and 193.5g

Colours Available

​White, Black


Extra Insights

Does the Nothing 1 Phone support 5G?

Yes, it does

Does the Nothing Phone 1 have a headphone jack?

Does the Nothing Phone 1 support wireless charging?

Does the Nothing Phone 1 have dual-SIM capabilities?

Does the Nothing Phone 1 have stereo speakers?

What storage and RAM variants is the Nothing Phone 1 available in?

Does the Nothing Phone 1 have a microSD card slot?

Is the Nothing Phone 1 VoLTE enabled?


ViserMark tests are performed with the strictest protocol in a controlled environment to ensure repetition and consistency powered and automated by SmartViser’s test automation solution viSer. The automation test includes a variety of user actions, from calls to social media and periods of standby times.

A button for Nothing Phone 1 smartphone specifications

VCX (Valued Camera eXperience)

The VCX Forum has been working with its members on the system and infrastructure as a non-profit organisation. We strive to improve our technology to develop and exchange accurate and objective quality and performance indicators that are our ultimate goal. We will also serve as a compass for the smartphone camera industry. We appreciate your interest in VCX-Forum.

No VCX reviews are available for this smartphone.



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Nothing Technology Limited (stylised as NOTHING) is a consumer electronics manufacturer based in London. Englan Carl Pei, the co-founder of Chinese smartphone maker OnePlus, founded it. On 23 March, the company announced its first smartphone, the "phone (1)", and on 10 December 2022, Nothing opened its first physical store in London's Soho district.

Recently, during the Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona, Nothing announced that their next generation of phones would be powered by the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1. The announcement highlighted the next smartphone release's increased power and device price.


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