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Our Smartphone Battery Performance Testing Environment

How Do We Test
Smartphone Battery Life?

Laern about SmartViser and why you can trust our Test Automation for Superior Quality of Service and Quality of Experience.


At SmartViser, our experts are asked to test more than 100 Smartphones every year, supporting Smartphone Manufacturers in improving their development efforts and offering superior value to their customers by informing them how long a phone battery will last.

SmartViser Logo with strapline stating smartphone innovative testing
ViserMark has created a range of unique labels to display the Battery Life Ratings and Performance Scores from our Smartphone testing protocol

As an independent mobile phone testing environment, SmartViser measures critical areas of user experience and provides device validation to Smartphone Manufacturers. This enables technical specifications to be translated into straightforward smartphone user understanding and benefits.


ViserMark has created a range of unique ViserMark labels to display smartphone Battery Life Ratings and mobile phone Performance. They show an easy-to-understand view of how long a smartphone battery will last, charging times, the power efficiency of a phone and the most recent annual energy consumption insights.

How Do We Test Smartphones?

What's Important About ViserMark Labels? 

The ViserMark Labels display smartphone battery life and performance measurements, translating mAh into direct phone battery life ratings and performance scores. Indeed, battery life is still one of the key areas smartphone users review when choosing a new mobile phone. 

ViserMark aims to deliver official smartphone reviews and comparisons using our highly specialised, state-of-the-art smartphone testing tools and lab equipment. Our SmartViser technology experts use their years of telecommunications experience to simulate real-day life's general mobile phone usage.

The ViserMark Labels are designed to help smartphone users quickly determine whether a phone is right for them. Alternatively, it can enable Smartphone Manufacturers to translate technical specifications into specific benefits that provide a valuable marketing asset. 

 ViserMark Smartphone Battery Life Performance Label
 ViserMark Smartphone Battery Life Label
 ViserMark Smartphone Charging Time Label
 ViserMark Smartphone Battery Energy Efficiency Labe
ViserMark uses ViSer Test Environment
  • Based on actual smartphone usage from 100% battery level down to Power Off

  • The protocol includes everyday daily life activities, for instance: Calls, Web, Video and Music streaming, Gaming, Social networks, Picture & Video capture, standby

  • Performed under strictly controlled test conditions 

  • All activities are executed in a defined order and timeline

Since 2014, SmartViser has turned our expertise in Telecom Testing into innovative AI test automation products for Mobile Network Operators, Device Manufacturers, and Mission-Critical organisations who need to optimise testing, improve testing coverage, and reduce testing costs.

Why Use Our Test Environment?

Smartphone Reviews

We have tested the battery life and performance of many smartphones.

Having compiled many phone reviews, there are some excellent performance ratings shown that can help smartphone users and manufacturers succeed in today's

fast-changing technology environments.      

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