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New Label Announcement For 2023

Updated: Jan 11, 2023

What better way to start 2023 - A New ViserMark Label!

It has been a very busy year at ViserMark and thank you to all of you who got in touch with feedback on how the labels have helped you understand the battery performance and which device to choose next.

We do understand there is a plethora of technical information that often makes it difficult to grasp exactly how this will impact “you” with your day-to-day smartphone usage. For buyers who are looking to purchase a smartphone, the only information available to them is either the battery capacity in milliamp hours or more commonly abbreviated mAh or some endurance score that is based on a very specific usage like standby or talk time.

We have also seen over the years that each manufacturer and media have their own way of assessing battery performance considering different criteria and, on some occasions, tests are performed in perfect mobile network conditions which none of us experience.

But how long this device will last with real-life usage or how long it will charge?

ViserMark was the first label in the world to introduce a clear metric on the Day of Use, meaning how long will this device last tested over the day and night with real-life user activities.

We have now further improved the label to give you additional information on how long the device will last in hours for clearer information. Look for the new label in our reviews from January 2023.

It is true that mobile phone battery technology has considerably evolved over the years and is continuing to evolve. We still see some manufacturers pursuing to make their mobile phones last longer, simply by increasing the battery life size. The larger battery will use more natural resources and the frequent charging and discharging will further deteriorate the battery. We all now understand that we need to ensure the Smartphone manufacturing industry uses more sustainable methods and is creating products that have minimal impact on the environment.

ViserMark was again the first label in the world to create a label that showed the battery energy efficiency of the device. It is calculated using Battery Life and Battery Capacity. This is expressed in “Leaves" and reflects a rating between 1 being the least and 5 being the most power efficient.

This year following the feedback we have received and our own involvement in various projects that looked to create policies on Energy Efficiency we will be introducing a new label in 2023 that will show the Annual Energy Consumption measured in kWh. For the first time, end-users will be able to see an objective benchmark across all devices on the expected annual electricity consumption their device is expected to make.

We are very keen to hear your feedback regarding these new changes.


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