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Google Pixel 6 - Battery Performance Score

Updated: Mar 30, 2022


Battery Capacity mAh: 4600

Amazing Photo's!

We have listed what you need to know about the Google Pixel 6.

Smartphone Battery Performance Chart: Ranking #73

High Tier Ranking Table: Ranking #14


Google Pixel 6, looking at the features as well as the battery performance. Our test results have been translated into ViserMark Labels designed to help you make an informed decision.


Latest Smartphone Battery Performance Statistics


Battery Performance Testing and Review - December 2021



The Google Pixel 6 ranks averagely compared to other smartphones with a Battery Performance Score of 42/100. Both the Samsung A52 5G and the Samsung S20 Ultra have the same score in the ViserMark Smartphone Ranking 2021 table.

Also, this smartphone is ranked #14 in the High Tier Ranking table still unable to achieve more than its processor, being the Google Pixel 5 scoring 51/100 earlier in 2021.

During testing, we are able to calculate both the power and efficiency of a smartphone. The Google Pixel 6 had a modest score in the Power Efficiency table within the High Tier with a score of 1/5 and once again unable to compete with its processor the Google Pixel 5.



The Google Pixel 6 comes as the updated version of the Google Pixel 5, with claims that the Google Pixel 6 is the most significant upgrade Google has made. It is ergonomic in design, simplistic and available in three vibrant colours. The Google Pixel 6 has an easy to recognise rear camera in the shape of a rectangle that runs across the width of the smartphone. It has bigger sensors to capture more colour, detail and 150% more light than its processor the Google Pixel 5.

Google has introduced its very own chip, the Google Tensor. This allows for intelligent machine learning, such as translating messages and videos more securely and quickly on the phone than constantly connecting with the internet. Also, this smartphone is fitted with a new Titan M2™ security chip.

The Google Pixel 6 has two rear cameras: the main camera with a wide-angle lens and a second camera with an ultrawide-angle lens. With a refresh rate of up to 120Hz, the display is good although the Google Pixel 6 Pro could be considered better. It is also covered with Gorilla Glass Victus and is within the High Tier costing between 649 - 899 EURO.


Product Features and Specification

Release Date October 2021


6.4" AMOLED 90Hz refresh rate

1080 x 2400 px


Tensor Google


8 GB


128GB, 256GB

Main Camera


Dual Pixel PDAF

12 MP, Ultrawide


Selfie Camera




Video 1080p@30fps


4614 mAh

Fast Charging 30W


Audio Calling, Audit Playback, Earpiece

Dimensions and Weight

158.6 x 74.8 x 8.9mm and 207g

Colours Available

Sorta Seafoam, Kinda Coral, Stormy Black


Battery Performance

The Google Pixel 6 has a 4614 mAh battery capacity, slightly smaller than the 5003 mAh of the Google Pixel 6 Pro. The Google Pixel 6 and 6 Pro are the first smartphones to be released equipped with Android 12, the new Google interface.


With an average price, just over 700 EURO, the Google Pixel 6 is classed as a High Tier smartphone and although not having some of the desired features of the Flagship/Pro smartphones it can still compete with the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 on performance.

The price/quality ratio is quite reasonable for a good phone at a reasonable price.

Let’s have a look at the review by ViserMark based on the results during testing.


In our testing, Google Pixel 6 achieved the following test results:

Battery Performance Score – 42 out of 100

The overall Battery Performance Score is now a global score taking calculations from Battery Life, Power Efficiency and Charging Times.

Based on the battery performance testing results, this smartphone received a ViserMark score of 42/100. With this score, the Google Pixel 6 smartphone, is ranked #73 on the ViserMark Smartphone Ranking 2021 table.


BATTERY LIFE - Days of Use

Based on the ViserMark test protocol, The Google Pixel 6 achieved a score of 1.5 days.

The Average Day of Use ViserMark score of a High Tier smartphone is “1.7” Day of Use which places the Google Pixel 6 slightly below the average top of the Days of Usage Top 10 table. The best phones have a lifespan of 4 days. The Google Pixel 6 has a similar lifespan to Samsung S21 or the OnePlus 9. This smartphone is ranked #17 on the over Day of Usage Table.


CHARGING TIME – Hours and Minutes

CHARGING TIME - Hours and Minutes

The charging time to 100% was 1 hour 47 minutes. Fast charging is available.

The average Charging Time is 1:10 for a Smartphone within the ViserMark High Tier. Given its results, the Google Pixel 6 finds itself at the bottom of the ranking. Fast charging is adopted by Google but this smartphone is fully charged in 1h 47 minutes. This is the same as Samsung M51.



There are a number of power efficient processors, within today's smartphones, that are able to cope with the growing number of new applications and can support high-resolution displays without compromising battery life.

Power Efficiency is calculated using Battery Life and Battery Capacity. This is expressed in “Leaves" and reflects a rating between 1 being least and 5 being the most power-efficient.

The Google Pixel 6 obtained an overall Power Efficiency Score of 1. The average score for a High Tier smartphone is 1.2, meaning the Google Pixel 6 stands in the low part of the power efficiency ViserMark ranking table.



In conclusion, the Google Pixel 6 battery performance is lower when compared to other smartphones. This is also reflected within several of the ranking tables.

Compared with other High Tier smartphones, the Google Pixel 6 battery performance is inferior to smartphones like the Wiko View 5, the Apple iPhone13 or the Realme 7i. However, the weak point is the charging time of the smartphone.

To climb to the top position of the ViserMark ranking table, several changes are necessary. However, this is the first phone model made by Google. The next ones will be able to amaze us!

Should I buy it?

The smartphone offers many innovations and improvements for the price, as well as advances in photography. If your smartphone battery life is one of your main considerations when choosing a new one, then perhaps the Google Pixel 6 is not going to be in your selection.


Extra Insights

Q: Does the Google Pixel 6 support 5G?

A: Yes, it supports the 5G

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ViserMark tests are performed with the strictest protocol in a controlled environment to ensure repetition and consistency powered and automated by SmartViser’s test automation solution viSer. The automation test includes a variety of user actions from calls to social media and periods of standby times.



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Google Pixel 6

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Google is an American technology services company founded in 1998 in Silicon Valley, California, by Larry Page and Sergey Brin, creators of the Google search engine. It has been a subsidiary of Alphabet since August 2015.


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