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What's Your
Battery Life & Performance Scores?

Our mission is to positively make it easier to understand Battery Life Ratings and Performance Scores

when choosing or buying a Smartphone

- for a clearer more informed decision.  


Our unique ViserMark Labels are the first to display official Smartphone battery life ratings and performance scores. So depending on your daily usage and how you use your Smartphone, battery life still remains one of the most important considerations when buying a Smartphone.

ViserMark tests hundreds of Smartphones every year to find the best-performing ones. Within our strict, repeatable and rigorous testing protocol, there is no room for error.  All Smartphones are tested the same, so you have all the right information, just at the right time, when researching and comparing.

Often finding information about Smartphones is difficult.

ViserMark can now provide relevant and useful information.


Introducing The Battery Performance Label


The Battery Performance Label shows a score given between 0 and 100.

Using various testing criteria, measured using real-life scenarios and live networks, results are collated with calculations from Battery Life, Power Efficiency and Charging results that amount to the total score.

Same Smartphone Testing Protocol - More ViserMark Labels!

As part of our testing protocol, we are able to bring to you a comprehensive set of test results. This can also provide even further information on battery life, battery charging, power efficiency. We have collated these into useful ratings that will help you to see where a Battery Performance Score is impacted or where certain Smartphone features are particularly more important to you than others.  


Our new ViserMark Labels are set to appear within our Smartphone reviews and you will see additional information presented in our Smartphone Ranking Tables, including Days of Usage (DOU Score) Charging Time (Hours and Mins),  Power Efficiency (5 Leaf Rating).    

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 The ViserMark Labels display exactly what you need to know about Smartphone battery life and our test results can help you make a more informed decision when choosing or buying a Smartphone.


Our team of experts will continue to bring to you Smartphone results, updated rankings,

as well as the latest reviews from our rigorous testing protocols verified by SmartViser.

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Battery Performance Scores
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Oppo A54 5G


Motorola Moto G30


Nokia G10


Wiko View 5 

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Wiko Power U30

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Realme 7i

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Samsung Galaxy M51

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Wiko Power U20


Realme 8 Pro


Apple iPhone 12


Redmi 9T 5G


More Battery Performance Scores Coming Soon...

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In our testing labs...

  • OnePlus 9

  • Samsung Galaxy A52

  • Moto G30

  • OnePlus Nord CE

  • Wiko V755

  • Oppo A54

  • Samsung M51

  • Nokia G10

  • Cat S42



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