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Our mission is to make it easier to understand Battery Life Ratings and Performance Scores

when choosing or buying a smartphone

- for a more straightforward,

more informed decision.  


Our unique ViserMark Labels are the first to display official smartphone Battery Life Ratings and Performance Scores. So depending on your daily usage and smartphone use, battery life remains one of the most important considerations when buying a smartphone.

ViserMark tests hundreds of smartphones every year to find the best-performing ones. There is no room for error within our strict, repeatable and rigorous testing protocol.  All smartphones are tested the same, so you have all the right information, just at the right time, when researching and comparing.

Often finding information about smartphones is difficult.

ViserMark can now provide visual labels displaying relevant and useful information.

Introducing The Battery Performance Label

ViserMark Label showing Smartphone Battery Performance Score of 72 out of 100

The Battery Performance Label shows a score given between 0 and 100.

Using various testing criteria, measured using real-life scenarios and live networks, results are collated with calculations from Battery Life, Power Efficiency and Charging results that amount to the total score.

Comprehensive Reviews Using ViserMark Labels

We can give you complete test results as part of our testing protocol. We have collated these into helpful ratings to help you see where a Battery Performance Score is impacted or where certain smartphone features are more important to you than others. This can also provide further information on battery life, charging, and power efficiency.  


Our ViserMark Labels are used within our smartphone reviews, keeping you up-to-date with the latest results. Also, additional information can be found in our comprehensive Smartphone Ranking Tables with the Top 10 mobile devices highlighted for Battery Performance, Battery Life, Battery Charging Times, Battery Power Efficiency and Annual Energy Consumption.  

ViserMark Label showing Smartphone Battery Performance Score of 41 out of 100
ViserMark Label showing Battery Life 3.5 Days or 75 hours
ViserMarkLabel showing Charging Time of 38 minutes
ViserMark label showing Smartphone Battery Efficiency 3.5 out of 5
ViserMark Label showing Smartphone Annual Energy Consumption 2.5 kWh/Annum

A New ViserMark Label!

- Find out More

Our team of experts will continue to bring you smartphone results, updated rankings,

as well as the latest reviews from our rigorous testing protocols verified by SmartViser.

Helping Smartphone Users Understand Battery Performance

Person holding a Smartphone in a Store

Helping you to make
the right choice

We are a good guide to smartphone users as experts with years of experience in battery performance testing.


As you start the evaluation process, we want to be considered the right source of accurate information on smartphone battery performance.


Our latest test results and reviews for new smartphones are free online, just for you.

Battery Performance Scores and Reviews


ViserMark label battery performance for ViserMark label battery performance for Samsung Galaxy XCover Pro review

More Smartphone Battery Life Reviews and Comparisons Coming Soon...

ViserMark showing the viSer Network

In our testing labs...

  • Apple iPhone 14 Plus

  • Realme Redmi Note 11 Pro

  • Nothing 1

  • Oukitel                 

We are open to your suggestions!

Do you have a request for us to test a new smartphone for battery life performance?

Want to see which smartphone has the best battery life, or how it has improved?

We are constantly seeking feedback from smartphone users and all feedback is appreciated and forwarded to our device testing experts. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch using the contact details below. We are looking forward to hearing from you!

Please email or call our Head Office in Rennes on +33 299 314 208


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