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Our mission is to positively make it easier to understand battery life and performance scores when buying a Smartphone - for a clearer informed decision.  


ViserMark is our first label that displays an official Smartphone battery life rating and performance. So depending on your daily usage and how you use your Smartphone, battery life is one of the most important considerations when buying a Smartphone.

 This ViserMark Label shown above is exactly what you need know about battery life and how you can make an informed decision when buying a Smartphone based on the performance score tested and verified by SmartViser.

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To a user of a Smartphone, we are a good guide and like to be considered as the right source as you start the evaluation process for a new Smartphone by reviewing our free online reviews.

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To a manufacturer or developer, we want to offer you expertise to stand out from the crowd, to showcase your development efforts and expertise with more focus on Quality of Experience.

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expertise to Smartphone users

To a journalist, editor, freelancer, or blogger, we are looking to raise the awareness of our official rating and scores within the telecommunication industry with a highly valuable marketing asset.

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