What are Smartphone

Battery Life and Performance Scores?

Our SmartViser technology experts use their years of experience to simulate real day life general usage of how a phone is used. The overall score is based on real smartphone usage from daily life activities

Why Our Smartphone

Testing Is Simply Unique?

Our testing criteria includes common daily life activities, such as:

  • Making calls

  • Using the Web

  • Video and music streaming

  • Gaming

  • Utilising social networks

  • Picture & video capture

  • Standby quality

Smartphone Rakning.png

How is Battery Life and Performance Score Calculated?

To have an independence, repeatable and rigorous testing protocol, ensures that there is no room for error. 


This means all tests are performed under strictly controlled test conditions, under the supervision of our SmartViser technology executives with their immense operator and media test knowledge, automation, and battery performance expertise.  

Smartphone Reviews

We have tested the battery life and performance of many Smartphones.

Having compiled many reviews, there are some incredibly good performance ratings shown that can help you to choose a Smartphone that is just right for you.