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We have designed and developed the ViserMark Label to help Smartphone Users. Choosing a new Smartphone can be a little daunting, so we wanted to help explain battery life and performance through our Smartphone reviews verified by SmartViser. 

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The number of people using Smartphones is increasing around the world, so high-resolution screens, cameras and processing power are continuingly improving. So with differentiating features between various smartphones, most smartphones still struggle with battery life and we all know just how frustrating running out of charge can be.


Smartphones are very much part of our daily lives and some people simply cannot function without one. When faced with buying a new smartphone, having to wade through the range of smartphones on offer as well as making sense of the jargon and specification can be quite overwhelming.


As an end user, we understand that you need to review and research the market before you make a smartphone purchase. Sometimes, it is not easy to decide the one that is right for you. SmartViser, as a recognised test expert, offers you what you need to know. So depending on your daily usage and how you use your smartphone, battery life is one of the most important considerations when buying a smartphone.

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The ViserMark Label

Can Help You To Choose

This is our opportunity that offers, from the outset what you need know about battery life and how you can make an informed decision when buying a smartphone based on the performance score tested and verified by SmartViser.


It is our first label that displays an official battery life rating and performance score, translating mAh meaning milliamp Hour, commonly used to measure the energy capacity of a battery. 


Rating – This is expressed in “Days-of-Use” reflects the time in days that a smartphone can be used from a full charge.


Score – This reflects the performance based on

independent, repeatable, and rigorous testing criteria that includes many common daily life activities.

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