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Smartphone Users

Ratings and Comparisons of Tested Devices

ViserMark has designed and will continue to develop a comprehensive range of ViserMark Labels.  We do understand there is plenty of technical information that often makes it difficult to grasp exactly how this will impact “you” with your smartphone usage. 
Choosing The Perfect Smartphone For You

Buying a new smartphone can be daunting, especially with many to compare and consider. You have told us that smartphone performance and battery life are top priorities, so you must know how long you can expect a smartphone battery to last with real-life usage or how long it will take to charge.

Make An Informed Choice

Smartphones are a part of our daily lives; some people cannot function without one. When buying a new smartphone, having to wade through the range of devices on offer and make sense of the jargon and the specifications - can be overwhelming.

We want to share our latest smartphone test results and reviews with you.  When researching your next smartphone, our ViserMark Labels will inform you of battery life results, one of the most important considerations when buying a smartphone.

Smartphones on Display
ViserMark always with users that want a new device
Smartphones Tried and Tested

SmartViser, as a recognised device test expert, is asked to test more than 100 smartphones yearly, supporting smartphone manufacturers in improving their development efforts.


All smartphones are evaluated in a dependent testing environment under strictly controlled test conditions. Test results and scores are then translated into ViserMark Labels for straightforward smartphone user understanding and benefits.

ViserMark Labels - Battery Performance Insights

For users looking to purchase a smartphone, the only information available to them is either the battery capacity in milliamp hours or, more commonly, abbreviated mAh or some endurance score based on a very specific usage like standby or talk time.

Our smartphone reviews help to show how battery life is impacted and highlight smartphone functionality with your day-to-day smartphone usage.  We have also seen over the years that each smartphone Manufacturer and Media have their own way of assessing battery performance considering different criteria, and, on some occasions, tests are performed in perfect mobile network conditions, which none of us experience.


Smartphone Design


We want to share our latest smartphone test results with ViserMark Labels and insightful reviews with you.

Smartphone showing a Travel Blog


Interesting articles and reports on battery performance-related topics and the latest industry developments.

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Providing you with a round-up of all the smartphone events as well as the latest

ViserMark news.

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