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How Do We Test Smartphones

Smartphone Battery Technology

There are several different smartphone battery technologies in use today. The most common types of batteries used in smartphones are lithium-ion and lithium-polymer batteries.
Lithium-ion batteries are popular due to their high energy density, relatively low self-discharge rate, and long lifespan. These batteries use a liquid electrolyte to transfer ions between the anode and cathode and are generally safe when properly manufactured and used.
Overall, the trend in smartphone battery technology has been towards higher energy density, longer lifespan, and faster charging times. Manufacturers are continually researching and developing new materials and techniques to improve battery performance and address concerns around safety and environmental impact.
Why Is Our Smartphone Testing Unique?


All devices are put through an independent, repeatable and rigorous testing protocol. It is fully automated, ensuring no room for error or human subjectivity.  This also means that all tests are performed within strictly controlled test conditions under the supervision of our SmartrViser experts, with their immense test knowledge, automation and battery performance expertise.

ViserMark displaying viSer smartphone test automation solution
How We Test Smartphones At ViserMark


At ViserMark, we perform a variety of testing to ensure that the battery is functioning properly and to determine how long it can last under different usage scenarios. Thanks to the test automation capabilities of viSer, we can test battery life using the smartphone under normal usage conditions, monitoring how long the battery lasts. This is done by setting up the phone to simulate typical usage (Day of Use), such as web browsing, video playback, voice calls, and other activities.

ViserMark Testing Process Report
Testing Process


1) Device Calibration

Each device that arrives in our lab is strictly calibrated to ensure that all devices are tested with the same conditions, ensuring repeatability and consistency. The calibration includes fixing parameters like brightness levels, audio volume, and connectivity setups like Bluetooth, NFC, GPS etc). All devices are fully charged before starting the testing.


2) Environment Strict Conditions

As with the device calibrations at ViserMark lab, we follow a very strict protocol on external environmental conditions. All testing takes place on live network conditions to ensure we test closer to end users. Performing testing in the lab will never give a true picture of a device's battery life. We test on good network conditions. The network can greatly impact the smartphone battery life, and weak network conditions normally use more power from the device, impacting the battery life.  We also ensure the room ventilation in the lab is at a certain level, as this can impact the battery life performance.


3) Testing

Once the device and the environment are calibrated and checked, it's time to perform the testing. We use the test automation viSer to ensure all the testing is performed the same without any human error. viSer runs the Day Of Use scenario. The Day Of Use scenario includes several usages as the end user performs. Our team of experts created the scenario with input from several surveys on how people use their devices regularly and feedback from media and Mobile Network operators.

SmartViser Device Testing Overview

Our testing criteria include everyday daily life activities, such as:

  • Making calls

  • Using the Web

  • Video and music streaming

  • Gaming

  • Utilising social networks

  • Picture & video capture

  • Standby quality

Testing Environment


Since 2014, SmartViser has turned expertise in Telecom Testing into innovative AI test automation products for Mobile Network Operators, Device Manufacturers, and Mission-Critical organisations who need to optimise testing, improve testing coverage, and reduce testing costs.

As an independent mobile phone testing environment, SmartViser measures critical areas of user experience. Our experts are asked to test more than 100 Smartphones yearly, supporting smartphone manufacturers in improving their development efforts and offering superior value to their customers by informing them how long a phone battery will last.


The ViserMark Labels enable technical specifications to be translated into straightforward smartphone user understanding and benefits. They show an easy-to-understand view of how long a smartphone battery will last, charging times, the power efficiency of a phone and the most recent annual energy consumption insights.

​Here are some key factors when considering a smartphone testing environment:

  • Based on actual smartphone usage from 100% battery level down to Power Off

  • The protocol includes everyday daily life activities, for instance: Calls, Web, Video and Music streaming, Gaming, Social networks, Picture & Video capture, standby

  • Performed under strictly controlled test conditions 

  • All activities are executed in a defined order and timeline

SmartViser ViSer Test Solution displayed on smartphone screen

Once the results review is completed and the scores are finalised, we can prepare the ViserMark labels and in-depth reviews.

You can see all the latest smartphone reviews.

Testing Packages


Explore our smartphone testing packages. Get help from our skilled test automation experts if you are unsure what tests you need.

Also, you can Start a Free Trial, and you will have access to our fully automated test solution viSer. Once implemented, you will have access to all the premium features of this productive test automation tool.


Find the right solution for you - Try before you buy!

ViserMark Testing Packages for smartphones

If you are a smartphone manufacturer or media reviewer testing phones, join the SmartViser viSer Free Trial Programme today.


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