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Samsung Galaxy S22 - Smartphone Battery Performance

Updated: Nov 10, 2023

The Samsung Galaxy S22 - Small, Well Designed and Affordable!


Battery Capacity mAh: 3700

Samsung Galaxy S22 smartphone

Smartphone Battery Performance Overall Score: 36/100

Ranking #8


We have listed what you need to know about the Samsung Galaxy S22.


The Samsung Galaxy S22 is small yet doesn’t lack any of the features you expect from smartphones classified with the Flagship/Pro Tier. It is a high-quality, well-designed smartphone that fits comfortably in your hand.

Despite having a smaller battery capacity compared to that of the Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus and Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra, the Samsung Galaxy S22 offers you value for money, being around £769 UK price.

From the new S22 series, the Samsung Galaxy S22 offers excellent performance at an affordable price, and if bought directly from, it is available in four

Samsung-exclusive colours!

Here’s a quick summary of the Samsung Galaxy S22 for you:

Product - Good Points

· Compacted and good design

· High-quality with high-end features

· 3 x optical zoom

· IP68-rated water and dust resistance

· Gorilla Glass Victus

· 5G Connectivity

Product - Be Aware of Points

· Lacking camera quality, compared to the Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus and Ultra

· No charging adapter – just the USB-C cable

· Charges at 25W rather than 45W of the Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus and Ultra

· Chipset varies by region

· Power users should consider the Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus with a 4,500mAh battery

· No Micro SD slot

· No Wi-Fi 6E and UWB


Smartphone Battery Performance Score

and Battery Results

We have designed and developed the ViserMark Battery Performance Labels

to help Smartphone users.

Our battery test results for the Samsung Galaxy S22 have been translated

into the ViserMark Labels displayed below.

ViserMark Labels for the Samsung Galaxy S22 smartphone

Let’s look at the ViserMark review based on the testing results.

You can find the full results of our battery performance testing below:

Smartphone Battery Performance Overall Score:

ViserMark Label for battery performance indicating 36/100

The Battery Performance Label shows a score between 0 and 100. It reflects the performance based on independent, repeatable, and rigorous testing.

Using various testing criteria, measured using real-life scenarios and live networks, results are collated with calculations from Battery Life, Power Efficiency and Charging results that amount to the total score.

Within the new Samsung S22 series, the latest mobile chipsets have been used. There is a regional variation with Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 being used in the US and other areas using Samsung’s Exynos 2200 as an alternative processor.

During the testing in our labs, we were interested in discovering how the battery performance compared with the other smartphones within the Flagship/Pro Tier (€700+). The results were good, but unfortunately, the Samsung Galaxy S21 still maintained a better battery performance score than the Samsung Galaxy S22.

The Battery Performance score for the Samsung Galaxy S22 was a respectable 36/100. This is not near the Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max (72/100) or close to its processor, the Samsung Galaxy S21 (45/100). With only a tiny margin, the Google Pixel 6 (42/100) remains ahead.

A comparison chart for smartphone battery performance

More Battery Performance Scores can be viewed in the Flagship/Pro Tier Ranking table.


Battery Life

ViserMark Label for battery life indicating 1.5 Days of Use

Battery Life - How long will this Smartphone battery last?

This is expressed in “Days-of-Use” and reflects the number of days that a smartphone can be used from a full charge.

Being a small smartphone, the battery capacity of the Samsung Galaxy S22 has reduced from 4,000 mAh on the Samsung S21 to 3,700 mAh. We are pleased to report that during our testing, there seemed to be no impact, and both smartphones successfully achieved 1.5 Days of Usage, as the chart below demonstrates.

A comparison chart for smartphone battery life

The Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max remains in Number One place with an impressive 3.5 Days of Usage, with the Google Pixel 6 attaining the average Flagship/Pro Battery score of 1.5 Days of Use.

With a stylish design, the Samsung Galaxy S22 is the smallest of the Samsung series S22 with a 3700mAh battery capacity. The Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus has a 4,500mAh battery capacity, and the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra has a 5,000mAh battery capacity. Although these smartphones have giant screens, no evidence suggests they use any more energy.

We look forward to testing these smartphones in our testing labs shortly.

More Days of Usage Scores can be viewed in the Days of Usage table.


Charging Times

ViserMark Label for battery charging indicating 2h36

Battery Charging Time - How long will this Smartphone take to charge?

Time varies to charge different types and sizes of Smartphone batteries. This is expressed in Hours and Minutes.

We test the charging times of every device as part of our testing protocol. The charging time for the Samsung Galaxy S22 was not impressive, exceeding the 2-hour mark.

When comparing our previous testing results for the Samsung Galaxy S21, they showed a significantly quicker time of 1 hour 13 minutes. This beats even the charging time for the Apple iPhone 13 Pro (1h:50min) and even the faster Google Pixel 6 (1h:47mins)

The Samsung Galaxy S22 can support 25W charging, while the Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus and Ultra enjoy 45W charging. Samsung says the Samsung Galaxy S22 can reach 60% after 30 minutes, while the Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus is already 70% charged, even with a larger battery capacity. The Apple iPhone 13 remains even quicker, reaching a 51% charge during the same 30-minute duration.

Samsung says that the Samsung Galaxy S22 should keep its charge all day due to the more efficient 4nm chipset, which allows the display to drop as low as 10Hz.

Also, the Samsung Galaxy S22 misses out on a charging adapter and is shipped with only the USB-C cable. However, other compatible 25W adapters and a Qi adapter can also be used.

More Charging Times can be viewed in the Charging Times table.


Power Efficiency

ViserMark Label for battery efficiency indicating 1/5 leaves

Power Efficiency - How power-efficient is this Smartphone?

Maximising the smartphone performance while reducing the energy it consumes, with minimal impact on battery life.

It is calculated using Battery Life and Battery Capacity. This is expressed in “Leaves" and reflects a rating between 1 being the least and 5 being the most power-efficient.

It is calculated using Battery Life and Battery Capacity. This is expressed in “Leaves" and reflects a rating between 1 being the least and 5 being the most power-efficient.

With the reduction in the Samsung Galaxy S22 battery capacity, Samsung is looking to make this device more power-efficient than the Samsung Galaxy S21. This could reduce the carbon footprint by 5% without any impact on battery performance. The results from our recent testing of Power Efficiency showed a rating of 1 out of 5.

We again referred to our previous Samsung Galaxy S21 battery testing results as part of our comparative testing. The Power Efficiency Score obtained was 1.5 out of 5, and the results for the latest Samsung Galaxy S22 were disappointing, as further efficiencies of energy usage have been missed.

The Samsung S22 offers extra protection against drops with its Gorilla Glass Victus Plus back, which was previously plastic and is now considered 12.5% stronger than Gorilla Victus Glass. Also, this device has gained the IP68 rating for incidents involving dust and water, an added bonus for some.

Being even smaller than the iPhone 13 Mini, Samsung says the Samsung S22 series is much more eco-conscious – it has even reduced the size of the shipping boxes and removed all plastic. Even certain parts of the device can be replaced by using recycled fishing nets.

More Power Efficiency Scores can be viewed in the Power Efficiency table.


Should I buy it?

The Samsung Galaxy S22 remains highly competitive within the Flagship/Pro Tier, with the Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max at €1639 and the Google Pixel 6. Therefore, it is an affordable smartphone, especially for long-term Samsung users who enjoy the well-known features or want to keep within a budget.


Extra Insights

Q: Does the Samsung Galaxy S22 support 5G?

A: Yes, it does

Q: Does the Samsung Galaxy S22 have a headphone jack?

Q: Does the Samsung Galaxy S22 support wireless charging?

Q: Does the Samsung Galaxy S22 have dual-SIM capabilities?

Q: Does the Samsung Galaxy S22 have stereo speakers?

Q: Does the Samsung Galaxy S22 have a microSD card slot?

Q: Is the Samsung Galaxy S22 VoLTE enabled?


Product Features and Specification

Release Date: March 2022


6.1inch AMOLED 1080 x 2340


Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 (US) Samsung Exynos 2200 (UK)

Memory & Storage

8GB 128GB and 256GB


Gorilla Glass 5 and IP54 water and dust resistant

Main Camera

​50MP & 10MP &12MP

Front Camera




Charging 20W wired, 15W wireless


Loud Speaker No headphone jack

Dimensions and Weight

146 x 70 x 7.6mm and 168g

Colours Available

Phantom Black, Phantom White, Green, Pink Gold, Bora Purple

A butoon to Samsung Galaxy S22 smartphone specifications

ViserMark tests are performed with the strictest protocol in a controlled environment to ensure repetition and consistency powered and automated by SmartViser’s test automation solution viSer. The automation test includes a variety of user actions,wireless from calls to social media and periods of standby times.


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The VCX Forum has been working with its members on the system and infrastructure as a non-profit organisation. We strive to improve our technology to develop and exchange accurate and objective quality and performance indicators that are our ultimate goal. We will also serve as a compass for the smartphone camera industry. We appreciate your interest in VCX-Forum.

No VCX reviews are available for this smartphone.


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The Samsung Group is a South Korean multinational conglomerate headquartered in Samsung Town, Seoul. It comprises numerous affiliated businesses, most united under the Samsung brand. Samsung Electronics has assembly plants and sales networks in 74 countries and employs around 290,000 people. Samsung is a major manufacturer of electronic components such as lithium-ion batteries, semiconductors, image sensors, camera modules and displays for clients such as Apple, Sony, HTC and Nokia.


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