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Wiko Power U20 - Battery Performance Score

Updated: Mar 30, 2022


Battery Capacity mAh: 6000


Smartphone Battery Performance: Ranking #4

Placed No. 2 Smartphone for Battery Performance within the


Battery Performance Testing and ReviewApril 2021



The Wiko Power U20 is a budget-friendly device coming with some special features like its battery life and 32 GB internal storage (with the possibility to extend up to 256 GB through a Micro SD).


Release Date: January 2020

Product Features and Specification

  • Design: Plastic design available in multiple colours.

  • Main Camera: Triple 13 MP (Main)

2 MP (Macro)

Video: 1080@30fps, 720p@30fps;LED Flash.

  • Selfie Camera: 5 MP, f/2.2.

  • Battery: 6000 mAh

  • Display: 6.82"

  • Size: 173.8 x 78.6 x 9.45 mm

  • Weight: 210g

  • Memory: 32GB RAM: 3GB.

  • Chipset: MediaTek Helio G35 (12 nm)

  • Android: Android 11

  • Software Version: RP1A.200720.011 release-keys


Battery Performance


The Wiko Power U20 is classed as a ViserMark Entry Tier Smartphone (less than 200 EURO).

The overall Battery Performance Score is now a global score taking calculations from Battery Life, Power Efficiency and Charging Times.

From the Wiko Power U20 test results, we have given this Smartphone a ViserMark Battery Performance Score of 62. The Battery Performance Label, being nearer 100 indicates that it is one of the better-performing ones and has been ranked in 4th place of the best Battery Performance Smartphones as tested by SmartViser.


Testing Results

BATTERY LIFE - Days of Use

Through the ViserMark test protocol, the Wiko Power U20 battery life lasts over 96 hours and it obtains a ViserMark Battery Life Score of 4 Days of Use.

The average ViserMark Battery Life score of Entry Tier Smartphones is 2.2 Days of Use. The Wiko Power U20 is much more superior, giving around 4 days of autonomy. However, it is very important to consider the 6000mAh battery powering the Smartphone. Also this positions Wiko Power U20 in the Top 5 of the ViserMark Battery Life autonomy ranking.


CHARGING TIME - Hours and Minutes

To reach the full 100% the Charging Time was 4 hours and 13 minutes. The average Charging Time is 1:46 for a Smartphone within the ViserMark Entry Tier.

  • Best Smartphone for Charging Times: Ranking #72

  • Currently in the lower part of the Smartphones with the Best Charging Times


Test Graphics

Our testing is based on real smartphone usage from 100% battery level down to Power Off. When testing Smartphones, the testing protocol includes common daily life activities, for instance: Calls, Web, Video and Music streaming, Gaming, Social networks, Picture & Video capture and standby.

All testing is performed under strictly controlled test conditions with all activities being executed in a defined order and timeline.

Figure 1. Battery test at 90 Hz

Wiko Power U20 Test Graphics

There are a number of power-efficient processors, within today's Smartphones, that are able to cope with the growing number of new applications and can support high-resolution displays without compromising battery life.

Power Efficiency is calculated using Battery Life and Battery Capacity. This is expressed in “Leaves" and reflects a rating between 1 being least and 5 being the most power-efficient.

The Wiko Power U20 achieved an overall Power Efficiency Score of 2.5

  • Best Smartphone for Power Efficiency: Ranking #4



To conclude, the Wiko Power U20 performance stands on the top of the ViserMark ranking with a Battery Life Score of 4 days for autonomy and a 62 as a Visermark battery Performance Score. The Wiko Power U20 matches one other Entry Tier Smartphones with a 6000 mAh battery, the Realme 7i (6000 mAh) scoring 62 as well. The Wiko View 5 has the Best Battery Performance Score of 68 within this Entry Tier.


ViserMark tests are performed with the strictest protocol in a controlled environment to ensure repetition and consistency powered and automated by SmartViser’s test automation solution viSer. The automation test includes a variety of user actions from calls to social media and periods of standby times.


VCX (Valued Camera eXperience) - not available at present.

The VCX Forum has been working with its members on the system and infrastructure as a non-profit organisation. We strive to improve our technology to develop and exchange accurate and objective quality and performance indicators that are our ultimate goal. We will also serve as a compass for the smartphone camera industry. We appreciate your interest in VCX-Forum.


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WIKO, the global mobile brand, was founded in 2011 in Marseille in the South of France. Today, it operates in over 30 countries around the world and is among the TOP 5 smartphone brands in Western Europe. Propelled by its success in the European market, the company has a growing international presence in Asia, Africa, Middle East and the US. WIKO is part of Tinno Mobile Technology Corp., an innovative organisation specializing in the development and manufacture of smartphones, founded in June 2005, in Shenzhen, P. R. China. The group now has 7 R&D centres and 3 production sites, representing a 300,000 M2 industrial park. It has about 4,000 employees all over the world.


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Not only is ViserMark the first label that measures battery performance, translating mAh into direct battery life scores, but it is also a highly valuable marketing asset to device manufacturers and end-users. ViserMark is a benchmark to help make better-informed choices when buying a Smartphone. 


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