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  • Debbie Bouffler

CES 2024 - Key Highlights and Takeaways

CES 2024 Stage

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2024 did not disappoint this year, and as expected the event brought a variety of groundbreaking technologies and innovations from industry leaders. CES 2024 in Las Vegas was a treasure trove of innovations for smartphone users looking to stay at the forefront of technology.

Here's a more focused and engaging rundown of the key highlights from the event that are particularly relevant and exciting for smartphone enthusiasts:


Immersive Audio on the Go with Mercedes and teamed up to launch the MBUX SOUND DRIVE

Image Credit: Mercedes-Benz

Picture this - your car’s audio system adapts the music to your driving style and environment. Mercedes-AMG and teamed up to launch the MBUX SOUND DRIVE, a tech marvel that might soon be controllable right from your smartphone, blending music with mobility in a whole new way. Read the full article >>


Sony's Vision for Creative Mobility

Sony's vision is to foster creative collaborations by providing innovative technologies for storytelling, entertainment, and more. One such technology is Sensing Technology for Enhancing Mobility Safety. This concept aims to advance vehicle safety by detecting hazards in 360 degrees around the vehicle in different driving situations, allowing drivers to take early action and avoid risks.

Sony promoting sensing technology

Credit Image: Sony

Sony's sensing technology serves as the eyes of mobility, contributing to delivering new mobility experiences and enhancing safety. Also, Sony is hinting at future smartphone integrations that could redefine in-car entertainment. Imagine controlling your car's functions or accessing exclusive content through your smartphone! Read the full article >>

Kia's Versatile EV Vans:

The Kia PBV exhibition featured five concept models, including its first PBV scheduled for mass production starting in 2025, a range of Kia-exclusive PBV technology, and a PBV-dedicated presentation and demonstration highlighting the company’s software-defined vehicle strategy and plans for partnership integration.

Kia-exclusive PBV EV echnology

Credit Image: Kia

For those who dream of smart, sustainable transportation, Kia’s modular EV vans might soon offer smartphone-synced features, providing a glimpse into a future where your phone is the key to personalized travel experiences. Read the full announcement >>

Real-time Translation Revolution with Timekettle:

Timekettle X1 Interpreter Hub

The X1 Interpreter Hub by Timekettle was showcased at CES 2024. This device takes translation to the next level as it can handle multiple languages at once, making it ideal for groups of people in a room.

Credit Image: TimeKettle

It has the potential to revolutionise the way smartphone users travel and work internationally, as it can provide seamless real-time translation without the need for additional apps. Find out more >>

Cutting-edge Consumer Technology

Mojawa's HaptiFit Terra

Mojawa HaptiFit Terra Headphones

Credit Image: Mojawa

Mojawa has launched a new product called the HaptiFit Terra which features bone conduction listening technology. This innovation delivers high-quality sound through the bones, allowing users to remain aware of their surroundings. The HaptiFit Terra is a unique headset that blends haptic feedback and AI-driven training. It is designed to help athletes and fitness enthusiasts achieve their goals more effectively.

These headphones are not just headphones, they also function as a personal AI trainer that can provide workout guidance that can synchronise with your smartphone's health apps. Learn more >>


The spotlight at CES 2024 is on some new home robotics innovations, including the latest version of ECOVACS' award-winning X2 OMNI - their first squared-profile DEEBOT. The X2 OMNI has set a new standard for cleaning across the market with its edge-to-edge cleaning precision.

ECOVACS home robotics innovations

Credit Image: Ecovacs

It has introduced industry-first innovations and has cutting-edge premium features for intelligent home cleaning. The DEEBOT X2 COMBO is a robot vacuum and mop that you can control with your smartphone, making home cleaning smarter and more efficient by merging world-class technologies with groundbreaking innovations for hands-free cleaning.

Belkin - Always at the forefront of emerging technology.

Belkin Auto-Tracking Stand Pro:

The Auto-Tracking Stand Pro follows your face and body movements with 360° rotation and 90° tilt with smooth, quiet motors.

Ideal for content creators, this iPhone stand, compatible with newer models, offers motion tracking for perfect video framing – controlled via your smartphone.

Credit Image: Belkin

BoostCharge Pro

BoostCharge Pro 2-in-1 Magnetic Wireless Charging Pad with Qi2

The charging pad is designed to be ultra-convenient and can deliver 15W of fast wireless charging to your iPhone 15, 5W for your AirPods and 5W for an additional device from a USB-C® port.

It uses magnetic Qi2 technology that ensures a secure and aligned connection with your iPhone, optimizing energy usage and protecting your device's battery life.

Credit Image: Belkin

BoostCharge Pro 3-in-1 Magnetic Wireless Charging Pad with Qi2 15W

Enjoy the convenience of 15W fast wireless charging for your iPhone 15, as well as other Qi2-enabled devices. Additionally, get 5W fast charging for your AirPods, and make use of the Apple Watch charger to fast charge from the 5W USB-C® port.

Qi2 wireless charging, you can simply place your iPhone on the pad and it will automatically align and connect securely.

Credit Image: Belkin


For the first time, C SEED presented the world's first unfolding N1 TV at CES 2024.

C SEED N1 TV Folded
C SEED N1 TV Unfolded

Credit Images: C SEED

A stunning unfolding TV that could be the centrepiece of a smart living room, possibly controllable via a smartphone app. Read the full announcement >>

NuraLogix's Anura MagicMirror:

NuraLogix's Anura MagicMirror smart mirror

Introducing a new health product that utilises a combination of sensors and artificial intelligence to check vital signs and provide disease risk assessments.

The Nuralogix's Anura MagicMirror, is a tabletop smart mirror with a 21.5-inch display. It performs a 30-second scan when a person sits in front of it and analyzes facial blood flow to provide a wealth of information.

A futuristic health scanner in the form of a mirror, potentially integrating with health apps on your smartphone to provide comprehensive wellness data.

Credit Image: Nuralogix

These highlights from CES 2024 showcase how smartphones are increasingly intertwined with technology, offering exciting possibilities for enhanced connectivity, entertainment, health, and home automation.


Debbie Bouffler holds the Marketing and Communications Manager role at SmartViser, playing a pivotal role in crafting communication and marketing plans for the company. Debbie gained expertise in strategic business development and marketing across multiple enterprises before joining SmartViser.

Debbie is an exceptional leader with a boundless imagination, an unparalleled drive, and a passion for growth and excellence, especially in the telecommunications industry.

For further insights into her professional journey or to connect, visit Debbie on LinkedIn.


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