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Discover the Exceptional Battery Performance of the Samsung Galaxy S24 Series

Updated: May 16

In today's fast-paced world of mobile technology, choosing the right smartphone is not just a decision, it is a representation of your lifestyle. The Samsung Galaxy S24 Series is a collection of high-performance phones designed to cater to the diverse requirements of modern users. Whether you are a power user who likes to push the limits, a content creator who shapes digital narratives, or a professional seeking seamless connectivity, the Galaxy S24 Series is built to meet your needs. 

Samsung Galaxy Smartphone Series
Credit Image: Samsung

Comprehensive Battery Insights:

Why Choose the Samsung Galaxy S24 Series 

Learn more about the exceptional battery life that defines the Samsung Galaxy S24 Series, a key differentiator in the saturated smartphone market in 2024. Your smartphone's battery life can drastically enhance your mobile experience, and the Samsung Galaxy S24 Series is engineered to impress, offering tailored power solutions for every type of user. 

We have used SmartViser's viSer and VWS Analytics Studio's advanced analytical capabilities to examine the battery consumption patterns of these flagship smartphones.

The graph below compares the Galaxy S24, S24 Plus, and S24 Ultra battery consumption in distinct shades of blue, against the industry benchmark for Mid Tier smartphones priced between €200 and €499. This comparison highlights the superior battery performance of the S24 Series and sets a new standard for what users can expect from their smartphones in terms of endurance and efficiency. 

A bar chart detailing the Samsung Galaxy S24 Series Battery Consumption Test Results

Battery Consumption Results provided by viSer developed SmartViser.

The Samsung Galaxy S24 Series redefines expectations with its remarkable range of battery capabilities, each smartphone optimised for specific user demands. Whether you are a tech-savvy professional, a multimedia enthusiast, or someone who cherishes every moment of screen-on time, discover how each one in the series is tailored to excel: 

  • Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra: With a commanding presence in the premium smartphone sector, the S24 Ultra is the definitive choice for users who demand peak performance and extended battery life. 

  • Samsung Galaxy S24 Plus: A favourite among content creators and social media influencers, the S24 Plus balances robust battery endurance with the high energy needs of camera and app usage. 

  • Samsung Galaxy S24: The perfect companion for daily users, the S24 offers consistent and reliable battery performance, ensuring you stay connected throughout your day. 


The Samsung Galaxy S24 Series offers advanced battery technology and brings Samsung's innovative spirit and commitment to user-centric design. By selecting from this lineup, you are not just choosing a smartphone; you are opting for a personal smartphone that promises to keep pace with your lifestyle demands. 



Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra: For the Power Users 

ViserMark Label for battery life for the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra smartphone

The Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra is not just another phone; it is a smartphone designed to meet the needs of power users. 

Battery Capacity and Performance: 

With its 5000 mAh battery, the phone offers impressive performance and an incredible battery life of up to 2 days or 52 uninterrupted hours on a single charge.

The phone's battery efficiency is remarkable, with a commendable rating of 1.5 (out of 5, with 5 being the highest battery efficiency rating) and the lowest annual energy consumption in its class at 3.1 kWh. 

A bar chart representing the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra battery Consumption test results

Battery Consumption Results provided by viSer developed SmartViser.

Real-World Usage: The Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra is designed to cater to the most demanding tasks, it is optimised for intensive use to ensure that high-resolution gaming and continuous video playback are delivered with zero compromises to user experience. This smartphone is perfect for users who expect their phone to be an extension of their dynamic lifestyle and can handle heavy usage without frequent recharges. Its capacious battery and intelligent power management maintain peak performance even during prolonged social media engagement or intensive gaming sessions. 

Experience the ultimate in power and performance. Explore the Galaxy S24 Ultra now.  


Samsung Galaxy S24+: For Content Creators and Social Media Influencers 

ViserMark Label for battery life for the Samsung Galaxy S24+

Are you looking for a smartphone that can keep up with your creativity? Look no further than the Samsung Galaxy S24+.  

Battery Capacity and Usage:  With a 4900 mAh battery, this phone can last up to 41 hours on a single charge, giving you plenty of time to capture the world around you.

Its impressive performance score of 44 out of 100 means you will not have to constantly search for power outlets, allowing you to focus on your artistic flow uninterrupted. 

Real-World Usage: Samsung Galaxy S24+ is a smartphone designed to cater to the energy demands of high-quality camera usage and seamless media transfers. It's a testament to Samsung's dedication to those who create and share. Whether you are a blogger, an influencer, or a photographer, the Samsung Galaxy S24+ supports your passion with a battery life tailored for extended shoots and editing sessions.  

A bar chart representing the Samsung Galaxy S24+ Battery Consumption Test Results

Battery Consumption Results provided by viSer developed SmartViser.

This powerful smartphone lets you focus on capturing stunning visuals and engaging content without worrying about battery drain. Its resilient and ambitious nature empowers you to produce, edit, and upload content from wherever you are. With this smartphone, your creative process remains uninterrupted, making it the perfect companion for those passionate about creating and sharing content. 

After exploring the exceptional capabilities of the Samsung Galaxy S24+, are you ready to elevate your content creation? Unlock your creative potential – Get the S24 Plus. 



Samsung Galaxy S24: For Everyday Users and Professionals 

ViserMark Label for battery life for the Samsung Galaxy S24 smartphone

Efficiency in Every Charge: Both professionals and everyday users require a phone that is reliable for daily activities.  

Battery Capacity and Consistency:  The Samsung Galaxy S24, comes with a powerful 4000 mAh battery, providing a consistent 1.5 days or 34 hours of usage. It has a performance score of 42 out of 100, making it the perfect workhorse for multitasking professionals. 

Real-World Usage: The Samsung Galaxy S24 is the perfect smartphone for those who value consistency and reliable performance. This phone offers a steady and even energy distribution, making everyday tasks such as emailing, web browsing, and catching up on the latest news seamless and predictable. Its optimised performance ensures you can confidently move through your day without worrying about your phone running out of battery or slowing down.

A bar chart representing the Samsung Galaxy S24 Battery Consumption Test Results

Battery Consumption Results provided by viSer developed SmartViser.

With the Samsung Galaxy S24, you will stay connected and in control daily. If you're a professional or someone who values consistent and all-around performance, the Samsung Galaxy S24 is a clear choice that offers reliability and efficiency.

Experience the difference for yourself. Embrace efficiency – Discover the S24 now. 


Discover the Future with the Samsung Galaxy S24 Series, a Smart Choice for Sustainable Innovation. 

Learn more about the advancements in mobile technology with Samsung's latest series, where innovative features meet eco-friendly design. These smartphones are more than just their impressive specs; they offer an enriched digital experience powered by the latest AI and sustainable technology. 

Eco-Smart Features for the Conscious Consumer: Each Samsung Galaxy S24 phone is a testament to Samsung's dedication to reducing environmental impact. The series boasts AI-powered optimisation that learns and adapts to your usage patterns, ensuring maximum efficiency and minimal waste. Also, with fast 5G technology, the S24 Series is not only ready for the future but is actively shaping it. 

A Spectrum of Choices for Every Need: Whether you are an avid gamer seeking the hyper-responsive Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra, a creative professional looking for the versatile S24 Plus, or a business expert needing the dependable S24, this series has something for everyone. The diverse range of smartphones ensures you find the perfect one to complement and enhance your lifestyle. 

Invest in More Than Just a Smartphone: Choosing a smartphone from the Samsung Galaxy S24 Series means investing in a lifestyle upgrade. These smartphones are engineered to boost your productivity, spark your creativity, and keep you connected in a world that never slows down. Samsung's commitment to innovation and sustainability makes the S24 Series an intelligent choice for anyone who values performance and environmental impact. 

Empower Your Day-to-Day: With the Samsung Galaxy S24 Series, you buy a smartphone that empowers your daily life. Switch to the Samsung Galaxy S24 Series today and experience the optimal blend of sophistication, sustainability, and speed. 


Explore the Samsung Galaxy S24 Series today and start your journey with a smartphone designed for tomorrow. 


Written By:

Head and shoulders photo of Debbie Bouffler who wrote this article

Debbie Bouffler holds the Marketing and Communications Manager role at SmartViser, pivotal in the company's communication and marketing plans. Debbie gained expertise in strategic business development and marketing across multiple enterprises before joining SmartViser.

Debbie is a visionary leader in the telecommunications industry with a drive for growth and excellence. For further insights into her professional journey or to connect, visit Debbie on LinkedIn. 


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