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ViserMark is raising the bar in Battery Testing and Reviews with the additional data on current consumption per user actions.

Updated: Feb 8

Press Release

Rennes, France

ViserMark, a leading authority in mobile device performance evaluation, is proud to unveil an innovative approach to smartphone battery testing and reviews. In a move that sets a new industry standard, ViserMark now provides detailed insights into real-world current consumption based on end-user actions.

Traditional battery tests have often fallen short of capturing the true demands placed on smartphone batteries during everyday use. ViserMark has addressed this gap by developing a cutting-edge methodology that simulates user interactions, allowing for a more accurate representation of power consumption in real-world scenarios.

SmartViser and ViserMark CEO Gilles Ricordel comments:

"In 2019, ViserMark revolutionized the industry by introducing the first-ever battery label for smartphones, transforming mAh (battery capacity) into Days of Use. Building on this success, we continued our commitment to innovation by introducing the first energy efficiency label. This served as the cornerstone for the EU Regulation on energy labeling scheme, emphasizing our dedication to setting industry standards and contributing to a more sustainable future.
Today, we are excited to announce yet another leap forward in our mission.Our latest advancements provide users with extra insights into smartphone battery performance, going beyond traditional metrics."

Our latest advancements provide users with extra insights into smartphone battery performance, going beyond traditional metrics that can confuse users. We understand the importance of accurate information in the fast-paced world of mobile technology, and our commitment to transparency and innovation remains unwavering.

ViserMark Graph current consumption per user action
Current consumption benchmark between three devices. Data from viSer and Studio Analytics by SmartViser

Thanks to the innovative solution viSer and the enhanced data analytics ViserMark can collect lots of different types of data.

SmartViser and ViserMark CTO Xavier Frere adds:

"Our commitment to innovation and excellence at ViserMark goes hand in hand with the continuous enhancement of our Viser Test Automation solution. This cutting-edge technology has played a pivotal role in redefining smartphone testing methodologies, offering not only efficiency but also precision in our assessments.
With the enhanced analytics integrated into our Viser Test Automation solution, we are now capable of collecting diverse sets of data, providing an in-depth understanding of the intricacies of smartphone performance including battery life and performance.
Our powerful test automation capabilities, available seamlessly on both Android and iOS platforms, serve as the driving force behind the Energy Efficiency Regulations by EU Commission."

Key highlights of ViserMark's groundbreaking approach include:

  1. Real-world Usage Simulations: ViserMark's advanced testing protocol goes beyond synthetic benchmarks, incorporating scenarios that mimic actual user behavior. This includes activities such as web browsing, social media usage, video streaming, and gaming.

  2. Detailed Current Consumption Data: Unlike generic battery tests, ViserMark provides granular data on current consumption during specific user actions. This empowers consumers with precise information about how their device performs in different usage scenarios.

  3. Comprehensive Reviews: ViserMark'sreviews now feature in-depth analyses of battery performance, considering various factors.

  4. Transparency and Accuracy: ViserMark is committed to transparency in testing methodologies. All testing parameters and conditions are clearly outlined, and fully automated, ensuring that consumers can trust the accuracy and relevance of the data presented.

  5. User-Centric Focus: Recognizing the diverse needs of smartphone users, ViserMark's testing takes into account different usage patterns, catering to both power users and those who prioritize efficiency over extended battery life.

SmartViser and ViserMark CCO Susie Siouti concludes:

"At ViserMark, we believe that empowering consumers with comprehensive, real-world data is the key to making informed decisions. Our journey started with redefining how we quantify battery life, and now, with these additional insights, we continue to shape the future of mobile device testing and reviews.
We look forward to the positive impact these advancements will have on the industry and on the lives of smartphone users worldwide."


About SmartViser and ViserMark

SmartViser, with long telecoms expertise and customer-centric innovation, has developed the standalone test automation suite viSer that allows OEMs, ODMs, Mobile Operators, MVNOs, Regulators, and any company offering Telecom Services to test, benchmark, monitor, troubleshoot or measure QoS/QoE on devices, connectivity, and mobile network technology.

SmartViser launched its first ViserMark Label to measure battery life performance translating mAh into straightforward battery life scores. Thus, allowing smartphone manufacturers to improve their battery life performance and offer superior quality of experience for their


Headquartered in Rennes, France, and with an international presence, we are fully committed to supporting our customers and are proud to collaborate with key players in the industry. Our mission is to provide cutting-edge innovation to help our customers succeed in today’s fast-evolving technologies and environments.

You can find more information about SmartViser and its innovative software on the Web at and ViserMark at: 

Press Contact: Debbie Bouffler:


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