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10 Tips For Saving Your Mobile Phone Battery Life

Updated: Jul 10, 2023

By Xavier Frere

14th September 2020

People are increasingly relying on mobile phones these days to stay connected, read news, do our banking, schedule our appointments, listen to music, take photographs, use them for navigation and much more. Most of today’s mobile phones have great usability and countless features, but often they lack insufficient battery life performance.

With mobile phones now being an integral part of life, most people expect the battery life to last for at least 1 day before charging is required. These tips will explain how to manage battery life, so keep reading to learn more about powering a mobile phone for longer.

The experts at ViserMark have made it easier for everyone to make the best choice when selecting a mobile phone. One of the most important and key consideration is that of battery performance. ViserMark have tested and reviewed 100’s of mobile phones, so if you are looking for a new mobile phone, compare reviews here

Everyone wants their mobile phone to be available to use when they need it, however, the reality is that when battery power is running low it has a much bigger impact on our productivity than it used to.

So our experts have compiled these 10 top tips to help you to increase the battery life of your mobile phone.

1. Reduce Screen Brightness

If you want to save the battery life of your mobile, this is the simplest one to remember. With much of the power being consumed by the screen, you can easily save battery life by manually reducing the brightness or use the auto-brightness feature available included in many mobile phones. Lowering the refresh rate (option available for some devices) or lowering the resolution will also have a positive impact on the battery life.

2. Good Charging Practices

It is an important step to save battery life because discharging and overcharging directly stresses mobile phone batteries by reducing their life as well as their performance. You need to avoid draining your mobile battery all the way to 0% and leaving it charging once you have reached 100%.

3. Darken Your Applications

Look at your current applications installed on your mobile phone. How many of them are displayed using bright colours like white? If you can always choose a dark theme if possible. Many more of today’s applications are already choosing to use a dark theme in their settings to save battery life. This applies to devices with OLED screens.

4. Get to Know Wi-Fi

Connecting to Wi-Fi will help to save battery life, as constantly searching for a cellular network consumes battery power. By going to the settings panel you can disable cellular data instead to keep WiFi only. Remember to switch on again when you need cellular data and don't have WiFi coverage.

5. Reduce Screen Timeout

Often the display is turned on, so when a mobile phone is not being used the screen will automatically turn off, usually in about 2 minutes. By lowering the time or turning off the ‘always on' display will help to extend the battery life longer.

6. Turn off Apps when not in use

With so many applications available and in use on a mobile phone, often they remain running in the background both draining mobile phone memory and battery. Remember to regularly disable Apps to save battery life.

7. Use Location Features when needed

Location services can be extremely useful, although they are a key contributor to draining battery life. By turning them off when they are not needed will add power to battery life.

8. Turn off Bluetooth

Using Bluetooth will drain your mobile phone battery fast when listening to radios or playing music wirelessly. Turning off Bluetooth will preserve mobile phone battery life.

9. Uninstall Unused Applications

Some applications tend to use an unequal amount of power, so it is good to regularly delete applications that are no longer required. Often there are lighter versions of some popular applications, designed to use less space and data which can help to save battery life.

10. Turn off Synchronisation

Finally, by using automatic google account synchronisation, more battery power is needed. It can be easily disabled in the settings and can be synchronised manually when required.

As a mobile phone user, if you save battery power, expect better performance and more time between every charge.

In summary, these tips show how to save battery power. Please share with friends, colleagues, and family, as SmartViser is a recognised Expert in Test Automation by sharing our knowledge and expertise we want to support your choice of mobile phone.

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Source Image: Photo by Alexander Andrews on Unsplash

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