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Rugged Smartphones: Battery Life Giants

Updated: Dec 15, 2023

Rugged smartphone outdoor

Advancements are increasingly integrating into everyday life, especially health and safety concerns. Mobile phones, in particular, serve as emblems of adaptability and forward-thinking progress. These exceptional technologies are resilient, but as 2024 approaches, they will reshape the landscape of individual well-being and security. Let's take a look at these gadgets' transformational path.

The Vanguard of Endurance and Innovation of Rugged Smartphones

Rugged smartphones are redefining the concept of technology resilience. They are vital for professionals in demanding areas and everyone who values robustness in their mobile devices because they are built to survive tough situations.

These gadgets include emergency live broadcasting, situational awareness tools, and built-in body or dashcams. They are built to withstand harsh circumstances while integrating contemporary software and accessories effortlessly. This integration offers law enforcement and other demanding professions a comprehensive mobility solution that increases field productivity and simplifies operations.

Significantly, the powerful sensors in these devices enable them to function as personal health assistants. They constantly monitor vital signs and notify users of any medical issues. This represents a significant development in preventative healthcare, demonstrating that these devices are more than communication tools.



Recent Advancements in Rugged Smartphones

The 2023 rugged smartphone market features significant technological advancements, durability, and functionality. Modern device features, like thermal imaging technology, enable users to find thermal signatures under challenging circumstances. Improvements include Dual 5G Android 12 chipsets for faster connectivity and models with impressive IP68/IP69K waterproof and dustproof ratings, ensuring unparalleled resilience in harsh environments.

These tough phones feature high-resolution cameras, such as a 50MP main camera and a 24MP night vision camera, and powerful batteries ranging from 6000mAh to an impressive 22000mAh. They meet various requirements, from professional outdoor use to strenuous recreational activities. Incorporating advanced operating systems such as Android 13 improves security features and user control, emphasising the fusion of ruggedness and the most recent software developments.

Furthermore, these smartphones prioritise user convenience and versatility over toughness. The user experience is enhanced by features such as NFC for contactless transactions, underwater cameras for underwater photography, and loudspeakers for clear audio in noisy environments. These devices, combining toughness and technological sophistication, redefine smartphone standards in harsh environments.

Crosscall Core Z5: The Unyielding Maverick

The Crosscall Core Z5 exemplifies resilience, including a very long-lasting battery, next-generation connectivity, and a guarantee of five years. Made to perform under harsh circumstances, it is a premier selection for those in careers and lovers of nature.

RugGear 750: The Dependable Titan

The RugGear 750 power pack, with its large 5000mAh capacity cell, stands as a testament to endurance and ability to withstand hardship. It is designed for taxing situations and is an ideal ally for those requiring steady functionality.

Picture of the RugGear 750 being used
Credit image: RugGear 750



Promising Developments in 2024 and Beyond

The use of artificial intelligence in mobile medical applications is expected to improve diagnostic capabilities and healthcare decision-making. Augmented Reality (AR) technology increases patient involvement and knowledge of difficult medical procedures and concepts.

Wearables are expected to provide comprehensive health tracking, going beyond basic vital signs to stress and blood sugar levels. Mobile health apps will transform patient-doctor interactions by allowing seamless virtual consultations and continuous health monitoring. Additionally, data analytics and customer feedback are projected to promote an increase in customised wellness programmes that prioritise holistic health.


Rugged smartphones, such as the RugGear 750 and Crosscall Core Z5, are gaining popularity and will continue to evolve as 2024 approaches. These devices are guardians reshaping our daily perceptions and how we use mobile technology by incorporating more AI, AR, and health monitoring technologies. They are more than just gadgets; they are critical tools in the ever-changing landscape of personal well-being and security.


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