WIKO Smartphone Obtains Highest Performance Scores Leveraging viSer Test Automation
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When creating accessible smartphones featuring the latest technologies, with battery autonomy you can rely on, all day long, and longer, WIKO needed superior knowledge on Smartphone Battery Life and Performance from SmartViser.

WIKO, was looking for a team of experts with a testing automation solution, who can collaborate with their in-house team, allowing them to test, monitor, benchmark, troubleshoot, measure, and visualise Quality of Experience and Quality of Service while reducing costs and time and increasing quality.


  • The first challenge WIKO faced was by the R&D department with much effort devoted to finding new innovations to further improve battery life for end users. Wasting time while identifying opportunity areas that would be most beneficial.  


  • WIKO also found it difficult finding a consistent way to measure the improvement, wasting resources, and seeing unreliable results.


  • Finally, WIKO found that great improvements were being made but it was difficult to communicate the true value of battery performance and benefits to end users.


  • The Test Automation, viSer, was implemented in the R&D centre. Being an independent testing environment the technical team could test based on real smartphone usage. All activities performed under strictly controlled test conditions, in a defined order and timeline.


  • viSer, also provided valuable information in the analytics dashboard, that visually tracks, analyses, and displays the power discharge rate. With clearer insights into what’s happening the R&D team were able to improve specific areas.

  • Delivering the top smartphone score, the ViserMark Label an official rating and score, helped to communicate the value of battery performance into straight forward end user benefits.

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  • Using the Test Automation, viSer WIKO can now provide more information and deliver the true value in battery achieving superior Quality of Service (QoS) and Quality of Experience (QoE) for end users. 

  • Due to the improved battery autonomy WIKO now have increased coverage for their smartphones and made significant improvements with brand awareness.

  • WIKO have experienced an increase in sales for their smartphones as ViserMark testing reports make it easier for end users to differentiate the improved battery life in comparison with other smartphones.

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"We as manufacturers of Smartphones aim to deliver the best experience for our users. Developing newer Smartphones requires a large amount of time and expenditure to be competitive and visible in a very crowded and fast-moving market. The Battery Life of a Smartphone is absolutely critical to users and their daily productivity. Our R&D has  put a lot of effort to provide a superior battery life performance for our end users.

SmartViser was chosen for this project as they offered superior knowledge on Smartphone Battery Life and Performance, critical to us when considering future Smartphones. The SmartViser testing was impressive and  performed in very strict testing conditions.  Our Smartphone passed very rigorous testing protocols and we are extremely pleased with our ViserMark Label as a result of the overall tests.

Thanks to ViserMark we were able to clearly communicate our leadership in best battery life performance. The ViserMark score has a direct impact to our sales and end user experience.”


Wiko - Tinno