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5 Steps To Prevent Smartphones Overheating

Updated: Jul 26, 2023

Smartphones Are Getting Too Hot!

Mobiles phones overheating is not a new topic. We do see though recently increased cases of devices overheating and more and more smartphone models are being affected.

There are several issues why the device is overheating, and these are generally grouped into two types of root causes:

  1. Device design affects both hardware and software. In most cases, the smartphone brands have not tested the devices sufficiently during development to resolve or at least minimise overheating issues by making changes in certain hardware components as well as software changes and updates

  2. Overuse of devices especially in certain environments

It is normal in some cases for the device to warm up a little but the sustained heat that makes the device uncomfortable to touch can be a signal of a more serious problem.

Our SmartViser lab team of experts that work with several Smartphone Manufacturers and Mobile Network Operators have identified an issue recently. This affected a large number of devices that overheat while using 5G for a short period of time, even after 20 minutes.

SmartViser is discussing directly with Smartphone Manufacturers how the test automation product viSer can help them identify these overheating issues. It is vital that they can be discovered in the early stages of the development process and then resolved before the smartphone is released to the market.


For those “techies”, out there, you can read the full report at:


What Causes Overheating?

We have identified the top 5 reasons that the device can overheat due to environment and usage. See our listing here:

  1. Avoid prolonged usage of the device in extreme heat with direct sunlight on your phone. The device will continue to heat up if kept in the sunlight. Move your phone out of the sun and allow it to cool down.

  2. Ensure you charge your device using approved manufacturer chargers or chargers that are compliant with the power requirements and charging standards of your device. By autumn 2024, USB-Type C will become the common charging port for all mobile phones, tablets, and cameras in the EU. Fast charging is also a common culprit for devices overheating. This will also be regulated by the EU with the New Policy that has been proposed and voted by the EU parliament in June 2022. This will mean that the charging speed will be harmonised for devices that support fast charging ensuring safe limits for the end users.

  3. Lower your screen brightness. While having a high screen brightness can help you use your device easier outdoor it can nevertheless increase the device temperature. If your device uses adaptive brightness and overheats, often switching off the adaptive brightness and setting the brightness manually will make a difference.

  4. Remove accessories like cases and cradles. Many of these can act as insulation and don’t allow the heat to dissipate and the phone to cool

  5. Close unused apps. Having too many apps open in the background can cause your phone to work a lot harder. This is often the case, especially the smartphones with less powerful chipsets which can cause the device to heat up. How to close apps from running in the background.


How Can You Prevent Overheating?

If despite taking all the necessary precautions your device still overheats, we have listed the top 4 ways to cool your device below:

  1. Remove all accessories

  2. Switch off Bluetooth

  3. Place your device in a cool area but avoid sudden changes in temperature

  4. Turn on airplane mode

If your device overheats on a regular basis despite using the latest software versions, you may need to contact your smartphone manufacturer for after-sales care.


Here is a helpful infographic for you as well.

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what you must do if your smartphone becomes hot.

Enjoy our guide!

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