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Latest ViserMark Smartphone Polls: We have listened!

Updated: Oct 17, 2023

Dreamy smartphone showing poll results

Our latest Smartphone polls have concluded, and we thank you for participating!

Poll 1 - Choosing Your Smartphone:

The Powerhouse Battery vs. The Slim Design

The results from our latest ViserMark smartphone polls show a bit of a divide in the smartphone community. It reveals a divide between a slim design and a reliable battery.

Powerhouse Performers: Endurance is Key

  • The Marathon Runner: For many, it's not about the sprint; it's the marathon. These phones might come with a bit more bulk, but they promise not to leave you high and dry in the middle of your day.

  • Feel the Weight, Feel the Power: Thicker phones with larger batteries can last all day without needing to be charged despite their bulky size.

  • An Honest Heads-up: Although larger, the size might not be everyone's cup of tea. If you're used to a minimalist design, transitioning might feel like you've swapped your sports car for a sturdy SUV.

  • Unshackled Experience: Imagine a day when your phone trails your pace, not vice versa.

The Slim Handset: Where Elegance Meets Functionality

  • Aesthetically Appealing: There is something undeniably attractive about a phone that's slim enough to slip into the tightest pocket or the most compact purse. For the style-conscious, a thin phone is not just a smartphone; it's an accessory.

  • Easy to Handle: Its lightweight nature means it's your perfect companion on the go, ensuring you can carry your phone effortlessly throughout the day.

  • A Cautionary Note: With sleek slimness comes great responsibility. Such designs often imply a compromise on battery life and performance.

Diving into the Results: Where Do You Stand?

With technological advancements, some phones try to balance aesthetic appeal and battery life. However, there is a concern that super slim phones may sacrifice durability for style.

  • Durability Dilemma: There's an underlying concern that slim phones might be delicate. Are we trading off resilience for style?

  • The Compromise Conundrum: Every choice comes with trade-offs. Slim and thin smartphones might not always provide the battery backup required. On the other hand, a bulkier phone might feel cumbersome for some.

  • Future Foresight: Tech innovations are bridging the divide. Now, smartphones are offering a near-perfect blend of aesthetics and battery life.

Dreamy smartphones spread out on a table

Final Thoughts:

Our poll shows that many people cherish the idea of long-lasting power. With the rapid advancement of technology, there may come a time when there's no need to choose. However, balancing and prioritising what matters most to you is crucial.

The ViserMark Battery Performance Label provides a rating on a scale of 0 to 100, which is determined through multiple smartphone testing criteria. These tests are carried out in real-life scenarios and on live mobile phone networks and incorporate calculations based on factors such as Battery Life, Power Efficiency, and Charging results to arrive at the final score.

Which smartphones have the best performance with so many different features and specifications available on the market? - Find out!


Poll 2 - Choosing Your Smartphone:

The Future is Folding: Is it Time to Make A Switch?

The foldable phones of today are far from being just quirky experiments. They boast sleek designs, free-stop hinges, vanishing display creases, and water resistance - some remarkable improvements have already been achieved.

But, like any evolving technology, foldable phones may have a few compromises like camera quality, battery capacity, and dust resistance, which sometimes make us ponder.

The poll's out, and so are your thoughts!

Pros and Cons: The Folded Reality

The journey of foldable phones from a tech dream to your pocket is extraordinary. Let's help you weigh up their benefits and drawbacks.

The Flipside:

  • Double the Screen, Double the Fun: With a foldable phone, you get a tablet-sized display in a device that can snugly fit into your pocket. Performing multiple tasks, editing, and playing games has never been so seamless and immersive.

  • Compact Charm: Folding it up makes it compact, and unfolding it reveals a larger screen. Its portability is unmatched by other non-folding smartphones.

  • The Novelty that Nods: Using a foldable phone is a style statement and offers a unique experience of flipping open a phone. Who wouldn't enjoy that?

  • Superior Selfies: Take your selfies to the next level with high-quality rear cameras and an external screen as a perfect viewfinder.

Not Without Their Folds:

  • Challenges with the Elements: Although some devices may be water-resistant, dust still poses a challenge. The intricate mechanics of foldables make them vulnerable.

  • Durability Dilemma: Though tested for battery performance, the foldable mechanism introduces potential points of failure not found in traditional phones.

  • That Crease: Despite advances, the display crease can sometimes be a visual distraction.

  • Bulk in the Fold: When it comes to foldable phones, their compact size is often offset by their thickness due to the folding mechanism.

  • Screen Sensitivity: With plastic screens, foldable phones are often prone to scratches and may lack the premium feel of glass displays.

  • Pricing Pinch: Foldable phones' innovative design and technology often have a large price tag.

Foldable Stars of 2023:

  • Google Pixel Fold: A union of Google's software excellence with foldable finesse.

  • Samsung Galaxy Z Series: Continuing its legacy with the Z Fold 5 and Z Flip 5.

  • Motorola Razr Plus: A nostalgic nod with modern innovations.

  • OPPO's Foldable Wonders: The Find N2 Flip and Find N2, showcasing OPPO's tech prowess.

ViserMark conducts regular reviews of the latest smartphones. Check out our reviews or watch short videos for more information on smartphone battery performance.

Dreamy foldable smartphones

Final Thoughts:

It seems like people have mixed opinions. While foldable phones are tempting, there is also a sense of caution. Some individuals are waiting for a few more iterations before investing, especially those prioritising durability, battery life, and cost-effectiveness.

The ViserMark Battery Performance Label can help you make informed decisions. It provides a rating of 0 to 100, determined through multiple smartphone testing criteria. These tests are carried out in real-life scenarios and on live mobile phone networks and incorporate calculations based on factors such as Battery Life, Power Efficiency, and Charging results to arrive at the final score.

Can foldable phones perform as well as traditional smartphones? Find out!


Poll 3 - Choosing Your Smartphone:

The Smartphone Conundrum: Performance or Battery Life?

This year's smartphone offerings showcase a variety of high-quality processing options at different price points. They also boast fast charging capabilities and visually stunning displays.The question is, do we prioritise fast performance or long battery life? According to a recent poll, many users prefer smartphones with long-lasting battery power.

Battery Champions: The Unsung Heroes

  • Consistent Companions: As we are constantly tied to our smartphone screens, battery life ensures we can always be connected.

  • Unleash Freedom: A long-lasting battery allows you to leave your charger behind and not worry about finding sockets.

  • Ecological Edge: Reducing smartphone energy consumption can lead to a smaller carbon footprint over time. Let's go green!

Performance Powerhouses: The Need for Speed

  • Turbocharged Tasks: A digital age never pauses. High performance ensures smooth gaming, multitasking, and streaming. Future-proofing requires performance.

  • Future-Proofing: Opting for performance often means your smartphone can handle software updates and newer apps for years.

  • The Appeal of Raw Power: Smartphones that can handle anything thrown at them have an undeniable attraction. Heavy users take pride in owning Flagship/Pro phones.

Pondering the Poll: Concerns and Considerations

The verdict was clear: most people want phones that won't run out of battery, although some still prioritise performance.

  • The Balance Beam: There's an undeniable trade-off. Great performance might be at odds with prolonged battery life and vice versa. But should it always be a compromise?

  • Evolution in Action: With the demand for better batteries, smartphone manufacturers are hard at work delivering phones that balance speed with battery life. We're seeing innovations like better power management, energy-efficient chips, and rapid charging to bridge the gap.

Dreamy smartphones displaying battery icons

Final Thoughts:

The majority of people prioritise endurance. It needs to last a long time in terms of battery life. Before purchasing, consider how you will use your smartphone daily.

Remember that technology is constantly improving, so phones that perfectly balance battery life and advanced features may be available soon.

The ViserMark Battery Life Label shows "Days and Hours of Use". The metrics inform you of how long a smartphone will last if tested over the day and night with real-life user activities from a full charge.

Are you curious which smartphones will have the best battery life in 2023? Find out!

Our Smartphone Polls - Our Verdict:

According to recent polls, many people prioritise a smartphone's battery life over its design. It's becoming increasingly clear that users desire the freedom a long-lasting battery provides, allowing them to use their smartphones without recharge.

However, some potential buyers may worry that a larger battery will make the phone bulky and cumbersome. Fortunately, technological advancements are enabling a sleek design, powerful performance and a long-lasting battery. Soon, we can expect handsets that offer exceptional performance without sacrificing aesthetic appeal.

Debbie Bouffler is the Marketing and Communications Manager for SmartViser

Debbie Bouffler is the Marketing and Communications Manager for SmartViser, helping develop communications and marketing strategies for SmartViser. Before joining SmartViser, she worked in strategic business development and marketing at several companies. Debbie's greatest strengths are her creativity, drive and leadership.

She thrives on challenges, particularly those that expand the company’s reach within the Telecommunications industry and strongly focuses on continuous improvement.

Debbie is a Chartered Marketer and a Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) member. She volunteers as a Mentor for the CIM and offers members access to a sophisticated platform that supports 2,500 active members.


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