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What To Expect From 6G

Updated: Nov 30, 2023

ViserMark what to expect from 6G

The world of telecommunications is moving at a rapid pace. We were discussing 5G only yesterday, and the conversation has already shifted to 6G. Industry experts predict that 6G will be deployed by 2030, but some optimists believe it may come as early as 2028. Given the high level of progress in the telecom industry and the intense competition, we can expect to see 6G deployed much earlier as key players race to be the first to release this new technology.

How Have Networks Evolved?

A few months ago, ViserMark released a new blog on the network evolution and what were the main milestones and characteristics.

ViserMark Mobile Neyworks Evolution


Also, end users' speed improvement was noticeable in video streaming and browsing.

ViserMark Mobile Network Evolution

What Will 6G Bring?

Faster Speeds: - 6G technology is expected to have faster data speeds than 5G. This could lead to faster downloads, better streaming quality, and lower latency.

Energy Efficiency: 6G networks may focus on energy efficiency to align with global sustainability goals. Mobile network operators are expected to adopt more energy-efficient architectures while building the new network.

Various dynamic power management techniques are being discussed to optimise energy usage based on demand. Devices will focus on energy efficiency to align with the circular economy and sustainability initiatives. ViserMark is already assisting consumers in making eco-friendlier choices when purchasing smartphones. We provide an estimate of the Annual Energy Consumption ViserMark Label for all smartphones tested in their lab, displayed below.

Google Pixel Battery Energy Consumption

Lower Latency: Applications that require real-time responsiveness, such as augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), and autonomous vehicles, depend heavily on reduced latency. The upcoming 6G technology will bring even lower latency than 5G.

Increased Capacity: The increasing number of connected devices and data-intensive applications require more network capacity, likely to be provided by 6G.

Advanced AI Integration: Integrating artificial intelligence (AI) into the network infrastructure could lead to more innovative and efficient communication systems. AI may play a role in optimising network performance, managing resources, and providing personalised services to users.

Advanced Security Features: Security is a significant concern as reliance on connectivity increases. Advanced security measures will be incorporated into 6G to protect data and communication integrity.

New Use Cases and Applications: 6G is expected to revolutionise healthcare, education, entertainment, and other industries, similar to how 5G enabled remote surgery, smart cities, and autonomous vehicles.

ViserMark 6G

Concluding Remarks

6G will bring many improvements in terms of speed and lower latency that will enable many new applications

There are some promising initiatives for efficiency improvements, but we are still determining how this will become possible. With 6G promising faster data speeds, devices may need to transmit and receive more data more frequently. This increased data throughput can lead to higher energy consumption, especially during data-intensive tasks like video streaming or augmented reality applications.

The capabilities of 6G are expected to enable a new generation of applications and services, including augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), and holographic communications. These applications often require significant processing power and data transmission, potentially leading to higher energy demands on device batteries.

The optimised network resource allocation will positively impact the device's battery life, and 6G may be the first battery drain technology we have observed with previous generations like 4G and 5G. ViserMark will test and benchmark the actual impact on the Battery Life of 6G once it becomes available.


In the meantime, discover the latest smartphone battery performance scores and stay ahead with the most up-to-date smartphone reviews. Check it out now!


Written By:

SmartViser Susie Siouti Chief Commercial Officer

Susie Siouti is the Chief Commercial Officer for SmartViser, helping organisations in the Telecommunications industry offer superior end-user quality of experience and service by introducing innovative test automation products. Susie has 20 years of experience in the Telecoms industry and, in that time, has led teams across the world, mainly in Testing and Compliance.

An MBA from Henley Business School brings diverse skills and expertise, including business acumen, strategic thinking, financial management, sales and marketing expertise, leadership, and innovation.

Susie joined SmartViser in 2016 and is part of the internal steering committee responsible for developing and implementing the company's commercial strategy and encouraging a customer-centric culture. The main mission is to help organisations create value by offering better quality products and services by improving operational efficiency and innovation.



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