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ViserMark MWC23 Takeaways and Highlights

Updated: Oct 31, 2023

This year's MWC23, Barcelona's most significant annual mobile event, proved very busy, with over 88,000 visitors and 2,200 companies exhibiting. There was plenty to discover from the keynote sessions, updating us on the latest topics and trends to unveiling innovative smartphones and other electronic devices.

With so many smartphone manufacturers becoming more conscious of the importance of product releases or the preferred unveiling, we consider why events like MWC23 are so significant.

Smartphones are essential to most people, who use them daily for business and pleasure. However, it is interesting how people want to use them and how integrated they become into daily life. What features are more attractive than others, and what's of interest when considering a new smartphone?

Smartphone Manufacturers are under no illusion that the marketplace is changing.

  • Firstly, people used to buy a new smartphone because it was better than the last one. The reasoning behind the purchase is that it would be more helpful for them, it looks better, or have more specifications than the last one.

  • It is more apparent that smartphone technology innovation has slowed, contributing to the lack of routine upgrades and the impulse to buy. It is well-known that having a high-quality smartphone would often prolong its reliability and durability, so having a mobile phone longer than three to four years is considered more acceptable. Also, the cost has an impact as devices are now more expensive than some laptops.

  • Let's not forget people's increased awareness of sustainability, more eco-friendly smartphones, and new challenges, such as recycled components.

  • Finally, an exciting topic when considering your battery commitment is for 3-4 years. We know that operating systems and Apps are upgraded, but how are manufacturers dealing with batteries degrading? We understand that some smartphone batteries have six months or, in some countries, twelve months warranties; however, very often, it does not cover everyday daily use. Some batteries can be inexpensively replaced, and manufacturers offer online tools to review potential costs.

So having looked at why product releases are vital to smartphone manufacturers, we eagerly awaited to see them assembling at MWC23. As SmartViser was exhibiting at MWC23, we could attend some of the most exciting mobile phone announcements and get a close-up of the latest smartphones – we were not disappointed!


Below is a round-up of these announcements we want to share with you.


Honor announced the release of the Magic 5 Pro, an exciting flagship smartphone that competes with other big brands, such as Apple and Samsung.

HONOR Magic 5 Pro runs Android 13 and has Honor's MagicOS 7.1. This device will be available in 2 colours, Black and Meadow Green and can be purchased from Q2 2023.

With an innovative design, Honor states this smartphone has an "Eye of Muse", a triple star ring design that uses a 'Falcon Algorithm' to detect moving objects and subjects in the frame. A pioneering feature that helps this device stand out from the crowd. It will be interesting to see how this high-quality device compares with the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra in the Flagship Tier for smartphone battery performance.

Honor unveiled the HONOR Magic Vs foldable smartphone in China in November 2022. It will be globally available and expensive, around €1,199; with the adoption of foldable technology growing, it could be a popular mobile phone in 2023.


On Day 1 of MWC23, Xiaomi announced their global launch of the Xiaomi 13 and Xiaomi 13 Pro. Xiaomi states that the Xiaomi 13 Series has a triple camera with a 75mm Leica telephoto lens co-engineered with Leica, offering more incredible light capture and a shallower depth of field.

(Image credit: Xiaomi)

The prices for the Xiaomi 13 starts at €999; the Xiaomi 13 Pro starts at €1,299, and the Xiaomi 13 Lite from €499. Also, the Xiaomi 13 supports a 4500mAh battery capacity, has 8GB or 12GB of RAM with 256GB storage with a display of 6.36-inch full HD AMOLED and a 2400 x 1080 pixel resolution.

While the Xiaomi 13 Pro has a slightly larger 4820mAh battery, Xiaomi states can be recharged in 19 minutes with the 120W Xiaomi HyperCharge. This smartphone has 12GB of RAM and can choose either 256GB or 512GB storage.

The Xiaomi 13 Flagship devices are already available in China and are expected to be introduced internationally soon after Samsung's next flagship release. At the same time, the Xiaomi 13 Lite went on sale after MWC23, along with the newly released Xiaomi Buds 4 Pro and Xiaomi Watch S1 Pro.

We have tested the Xiaomi 13 for Battery Performance in our labs already, so please see the latest ViserMark Labels and read the Xiaomi 13 Smartphone Review here.


In a Press Release before MWC23, OPPO announced:

OPPO showcases a range of its latest innovative technologies at Mobile World Congress 2023 (MWC2023). During the event, OPPO is not only showing a selection of flagship devices, including the pocketable OPPO Find N2 Flip, but also introduces several industry-leading innovations based on its four Smart Initiatives - smart entertainment, smart productivity, smart health, and smart learning, such as OPPO Wi-Fi 6 Router AX5400, OPPO Zero-Power Tag, MariSilicon Y Bluetooth audio SoC, OHealth H1 family health monitor, OPPO Air Glass 2 and more. Read the press release in full.

Joining the foldable revolution, OPPO released its first foldable smartphone, OPPO Find N2 Flip. This device has the largest screen measuring 3.26 inches and supports multi-angle FlexForm mode, allowing the screen to be set at any angle between 45-100 degrees.

Also, it has a 4300mAh battery, and OPPO claims it can support 20 hours of video streaming and 16 hours of social media. We look forward to welcoming this device into our lab to test its battery performance.


At MWC23, OnePlus didn't let down its visitors this year. It brought the OnePlus 11 Concept smartphone – with its new active cooling technology - Active CryoFlux.

(Image credit: OnePlus)

In a recent press release, OnePlus explains: The main feature of the OnePlus 11 Concept phone is Active Cryoflux—a game-changer in cooling technology, which can reduce the temperature to 2.1℃, improving the frame rate by 3-4 fps during gameplay². The Active CryoFlux can also decrease the temperature when charging by 1.6℃ - shaving off the 30s-45s from the charging time. Read the press release in full.

OPPO also showcased the OnePlus 11 5G, a Flagship smartphone that demonstrates the latest co-developing technology with Qualcomm and Perfect World Games with in-built AR and ray tracing capability.

This smartphone offers many features, including a solid Android 13, giving a smooth experience and is easy to use. With high-quality specifications at an affordable price, it is a serious contender to other flagship smartphones.

(Image credit: OnePlus)


Motorola stepped forward at MWC23, introducing a new concept smartphone that made heads turn. Motorola unveiled a rollable screen that extends as you use it.

Image credit: Future | Alex Walker-Todd)

This Android mobile phone starts in a compact form of 5 inches, and by double-tapping the power button, it continues to extend to a 6.5-inch full display. As the screen rolls upwards, it shows more content in the lower part. As the mobile phone display returns to its original compact state, the lower part of the display goes back around the mobile device. Call, and incoming notifications can be shown as a second display screen.

With the Motorola Razr series being well-known for its sliding feature, the branding of the back of this concept smartphone is noticeable. If this device is launched, there may be concerns over the power required by the battery to operate the rolling mechanism. However, seeing an alternative to the ever-growing foldable smartphones would be great.


These smartphones we have mentioned above will, of course, will be a main focus for ViserMark in 2023, along with any further phone releases. Our testing lab is independent, and our skilled experts can deliver accurate smartphone battery test results to smartphone manufacturers, mobile network operators, and mission-critical organisations.

Once all our tests have been completed, we incorporate all the data and using our telecommunications experience, we assign ratings. Every smartphone has unique.

ViserMark Labels that show Battery Performance, Battery Life, Battery Charging Times, Battery Power Efficiency and the latest Annual Energy Consumption.

Finally, we compare the results within Ranking Tables, providing a comprehensive database for researching smartphone battery life comparisons. We categorise similarly priced smartphones in ViserMark Tiers so you can view our results for every smartphone.

We are looking forward to sharing with you new smartphone reviews very soon.

More of our smartphone reviews can be found here.


Debbie Bouffler holds the role of Marketing and Communications Manager at SmartViser, playing a pivotal role in crafting communication and marketing plans for the company. Debbie gained expertise in strategic business development and marketing across multiple enterprises before joining SmartViser.

Recognised for her boundless creativity, unparalleled drive, and inspiring leadership, Debbie is fueled by challenges—especially those that amplify SmartViser's footprint in the Telecommunications sector. With a passion for continuous evolution, she relentlessly pursues avenues for growth and excellence.

As a Chartered Marketer and an esteemed member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM), Debbie extends her commitment to the field by mentoring within the CIM community. Furthermore, she spearheads a platform serving 2,500 active CIM members, showcasing her dedication to fostering professional growth in others.

For further insights into her professional journey or to connect, visit Debbie on LinkedIn.


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